Thoughts on ventilation and air scrubbing

I am on my first grow trying to work all the kinks out of my grow room. This addition to my project started out as a way to maintain air flow vertically along the entire height of the plants. I have a nice 6" oscillating fan mounted to the roof of my tent but it has to go to make more room to raise my light. It has done a great job building strong branches.

While I was building something new I thought I would incorporate an air scrubber into it. This is the result. I like the airflow I am getting but not too impressed with the odor reduction.


Looking great plant very healthy. My experience with controlling odor, I have payed north of a hundred bucks to get a quality filter. Keep up the good work.
Happy growing

Thanks for the thumbs up Kellydans…

My air scrubber may be doing more than I think but it definitely isn’t enough on it’s own. It only about 1/2" thick with maybe 2-3 lbs of carbon. I was worried about killing my fan with it so I errored on the side of caution. At some point I may rebuild a thicker filter or add another layer to it.

But I am going to need a filter on the exhaust outlet of my tent. It is a small tent so I would say a 4" may be enough. Can you recommend something you feel would work?

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@AxisCat phresh is a good quality filter, can generally get about two grows before I start smelling a little odor on the exhaust. I just purchased a terrabloom for my next grow. They are a little cheaper but I have heard good things about the product. I use a 6-inch exhaust fan I can generally run it on medium speed which is much quieter. bigger fan does give you some flexibility. Good luck