Thoughts on veg temps


I use it for two things…as a wetting agent in normal feeding, and as a flush.


Ya , At some point I’ll head over there , just to be able to shoot the $hit on a more personal level… not so much for grow support… :wink:
I just like to help when I can and I love to see people succeed… not that many of us still around … so I think I’ll drop a few bucks just to get to know all you knuckleheads a little bit more then I already do… :wink:
99% of the people I’ve met here are pretty danm cool… so I’ll look into the lab , just for the purpose of this great community… much love fellow cultivators… :grin::grin::wink:



Outta likes @FloridaSon :+1:t3: but some mighty fine words above.

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Thank you for the advice friends. Ill tell you what, I really enjoy this forum a lot. You people kick ass with quick responses and next to no negativity. (I suppose that’s to happen when 99% of us are stoners)

I’ve had these three clones in the high temps, out of the flowering room. And all I’m using is a fan. No adverse effects.


Nectar for the Gods has a Yucca based product I think. Might be worth a look.


Thank you. Ill look into it.


@FloridaSon I’m back my friend, I don’t have any advice on yucca buddy. Thanks for the tag, I’ve got some catching up to do.


I tried joining just the lab forum and was informed that’s no longer an option.


That’s no fun… :confused::cry::sob:



That doesn’t seem right. Maybe @TDubWilly or @Bogleg can find some answers for you.


That was the email response I was given. That it was no longer available. :-1:


Perhaps it was a particular offer that is no longer available. Sometimes they run limited offers, like a sale, if you will.

Maybe you can’t get lab forum access without the lab. I think the forum only offer was for a very brief time.


Meh, I’ll live. :slight_smile. Thanks though


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Try going here

The only option that gives forum access is the $137 option that offers the “complete course + support”

They had a $20 forum only special for awhile but that has expired and they aren’t running it anymore.

See ya there!


I appreciate the link, but I’d seen that already. I’m not that interested in the whole package, just looking for a more advanced forum.
Maybe they’ll run the forum only special again.


Np my friend



As to not get this thread off topic, heat will actually exaggerate growth during veg, not stunt it. The problem is that plants can become “leggy” and “stretch” in heat like that. Now if the plant is in a pot and not in the ground, where the roots can get hot also, it can stunt growth, but it’s really got to be hot.

There’s one other problem that you potentially have to worry with about temperatures around 91 degrees and that is the plants hermaphroditing on you from the stress the heat induces

I’ve grown in some pretty extreme heat before without plants hermaphroditing on me though

This was my greenhouse monitor

Good luck @Stoneythetiger420

And btw, don’t try and grow in those temps i posted LOL


Those are some crazy Temps. The clones that I have vegging are doing just fine. My temperature don’t get nowhere near that high!