Thoughts on veg temps


I use it for two things…as a wetting agent in normal feeding, and as a flush.


Ya , At some point I’ll head over there , just to be able to shoot the $hit on a more personal level… not so much for grow support… :wink:
I just like to help when I can and I love to see people succeed… not that many of us still around … so I think I’ll drop a few bucks just to get to know all you knuckleheads a little bit more then I already do… :wink:
99% of the people I’ve met here are pretty danm cool… so I’ll look into the lab , just for the purpose of this great community… much love fellow cultivators… :grin::grin::wink:



Outta likes @FloridaSon :+1:t3: but some mighty fine words above.

@peachfuzz, You too :+1:t3:


Thank you for the advice friends. Ill tell you what, I really enjoy this forum a lot. You people kick ass with quick responses and next to no negativity. (I suppose that’s to happen when 99% of us are stoners)

I’ve had these three clones in the high temps, out of the flowering room. And all I’m using is a fan. No adverse effects.


Nectar for the Gods has a Yucca based product I think. Might be worth a look.


Thank you. Ill look into it.


@FloridaSon I’m back my friend, I don’t have any advice on yucca buddy. Thanks for the tag, I’ve got some catching up to do.


I tried joining just the lab forum and was informed that’s no longer an option.


That’s no fun… :confused::cry::sob: