Thoughts on this soil?

Ive decided I do not want to use fox farm soils for my grow. Last two bags have had pests. Has anyone heard of this soil before and what are your thoughts on it


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First bag i bought had perlite was light and fluffy. Thought i had found my new soil over happy frog. Went back a couple months later and bought 3 bags to do a full grow and it was over moist no perlite had a white mildew look in it. Not a happy camper. Went back to happy frog. Another bad thing was the three months of nutes. Never did figure a good feeding schedule with it. Just my experience with it. If it had been light and fluffy like 1st bag i would maybe feel differently.


FFOF soil in 3 and 4 gal planters Three, three-gallon flushes (in a week (with 5.8/1000 and I still get run-off PH 7.2-7.5. Started at PH 8.5, first flush, too late, as flip was entered).
Second week since completing flip. GREAT pre-into-flower stretching seen.
White and DRY looking female flowers, good bunching but no trikes. Got no clue.
Great experience with flood-over-water-killing. Still adding 5.8-6.0/1000 flower.
I thought FF would be better, but. shipping, storage, and age, must affect.
Saw a pallet sitting outdoors, semi exposed to moisture, at locaI retailer. Excited to find FFSoil and use, I clearly did not want to flush and wash $ value out of soil or make too hot for time released components., But, in hindsight, it would have helped drown somebody, sooner.
Truethfully, I mixed a batch of soil with everything including the kitchen sink.

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If no trykes what was the white.

no COLOR on females, all plants in tent appear the same. NOT a single amber color in 4-6 weeks. yes, pure white balls of beauty, but lacking color or scent.

What about the buds. Have a pic of those. I don’t see amber till weeks 8 through 10 depends.

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White flowers only, no smell, much. 3rd week since flip ended. nice stretch NO TURPs

@DRsDank Thank you. Good to know.I am at 8-9 week, in my tent, mostly, 11 weeks from clone start.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE I ment 8 weeks of flower. Not entire plant growth. They look good for 3 weeks flower. Patients grasshopper.
Heres mine at 3 weeks.

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@Chelley I must say sorry for the hijack.
What kind of fox farm soil are you using. I’ve used ocean forest didn’t like the results and happy frog so far good results. I do have a local place that sells it though. I go through the bags and only take the light ones. Maybe thats why I am not getting the pest. I don’t know. When I get low on bags I start going in to get more if that skid is heavy I wait and go another time. Till they get light bags. Might take a few trips or sometimes I get lucky on first try. I drive by the place 3 or 4 times a week. So I am at an advantage. Plus staying about 2 grows ahead helps. Boy scout’s be prepaired. I still try others just always have ff on hand.

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Sorry your thread was taken over with non related discussion. Organic soils are more prone to pests than non-organic. Both types can still develop pest issues. Fungus gnats are the worst in organic soils.

Grab you come of these. You can sprinkle on top and water normally. You can soak some in distilled water for a while, then use…


Appreciate it! I’ll give that a try :+1:

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Imho soil with pests in it is due to poor or slow distribution or stored in too much heat, stored too long in heat etc. I do recommend Roots Organic Original though as my plants love it, lasts like FFOF for 5/6 weeks before you need to feed neuts.but with no Ph issues, just triuble free.

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Which pest did you have? Ive had thrips on my last two grows using ocean forest…if it happens again im just going to go to coco. Luckily with diligence with captain jacks, ive been able to rid them both times after a week of treatments. Going the preventative route this time. Sorry im not familiar with that soil.

I have never had pests in any of my FFOF and FFHF. I have been using their soil for 4 years 1 month.

What I do is get a few bags and I let the Texas heat go to work. I may wait up to 1 year before I use it. This one bag I have had for almost 2 years and it’s going in tonight.

As the that soil, I never heard of them so I don’t have any input.