Thoughts on this plant please?

I have 3 out of 5 Royal Gorillas looking like this. Is it a deficiency or just a fantastic colored lady?

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Are your temps dropping low at night ?


Are the leaf stems purple/red, lines of color running up the stocks?
I would be thinking more along the lines of @Watt-Sun‘s thinking. Temps dropping can pull out some crazy color, however, it could be genetic as well. I found this picture after doing an image search:

So it is most likely genetic to some extent.


Temps when dark are 72. No purpling anywhere but around bud formation s. Nutes and Ph are great for my Promix. I’ve grown for many years but never had this dark vivid pheno. I’m calling it pheno because it almost has to be genetic. I’m running 3 HGL 550 V2 R-spec lights and a 1000w hps thrown in too. Its beautiful… the dark purple expands daily. I just wanted to hear what I hoped would be anything other than deficiency or problems. I baby these girls. That picture above looks like mine in the way the purple is taking over leaf from the bud side out.


Exactly why I was thinking genetic, too bad you couldn’t pull a few clones :wink:

I did pull clones. Just not off the plant pictured. Two other Royal gorillas have a similar purple look. Just not a expansive as this one at this time. I’m really eager to see the final product.

looks to me like its gonna be cool lookin bud! People grow for years and can’t get that trait to present properly. If the rest of the grow looks good just roll with it