Thoughts on this idea?

Question from a fellow grower:

I have a fairly simple idea for introducing a controlled amount of pure oxygen to roots in soil mix after watering (for a small home grow). I was thinking about doing this with some outside plants in soil and smart pots. Can you tell me if I am way off base?
The idea is to fill the balloon with oxygen after watering close cylinder valve and allow the balloon to blow out the 02 from the balloon into the soil; metering can be done by the valve as well as balloon selection. Lastly I was thinking with the right balloon material the pressure from the balloon would decrease as oxygen makes it through the soil and the balloon empties… for some reason I like that.
See attached; the sketch that lets say my monkey was kind enough to make is not to scale: only small diameter lines would be needed.

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You might actually derive more benefit from bubbling it through your water instead but I don’t know. Any thoughts @garrigan65?


You could always add some peroxide to the water before you water your soil. Essentially is like adding an extra O² molecule in there. It won’t be adding a ton of oxygen but you could probably get a small boost out of it.

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I think if you use cloth pots, the roots get all the oxygen they need. Over a certain percentage, I think it gets toxic. Roots certainly don’t seem to like being exposed directly to air.

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Not to pop your balloon but the fastest and easiest way to introduce O2 in any medium is H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). I use food grade 37% diluted to 3%. The stuff in the pharmacy is garbage with impurities and heavy metal compounds.

When rain persists and the roots are drowning the H2O2 saves the day by delivering dissolved oxygen directly in the water giving the plant a sort of gills like a fish to absorb O. it’s life support in my veggie garden when the ground is saturated, stops root rot and helps ionization:wink: .