Thoughts on this diy indoor

Thoughts on these plants i made a lil room for them nd put some bulbs on each plant.

The temps are 66F with 40RH

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What’s the Wattage of the bulbs?

I notice no fans giving the plans a breeze they need this or they will grow weak and fall over and snap on their own weight.

I can’t tell if you have the room being vented or how are you exchanging the air? Unless it’s sealed and you have a co2 system?
Those plants will eventually grow slow and be co2 starved.

A quick little help could be to buy some mylar and line the walls with it but I think you have bigger issues right now.


24W each nd i have a lil doorway to walk in, its in my living room nd i have no fan atm prob put one in their

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U might be able to take all them lights and cram them all together and stuff 1 plant in a corner in a 2x2 mylar square and maybe get okay airy buds off 1. 1 of them lights for a plant just wont cut it at all. That is like a seedling light. There ade some diy lights like this on here i believe but its like 9 of these and others on a board. Good luck


Yeah Mark beat me to it, he actually has a good idea. Pick your best plant and do that.
Also put a fan on that plant it needs light breeze.

Those other plants you will need to either make or buy a quality light it’s about 120$-200$ of light per plant you need 120-200w a plant. (true wats not amazon title “equivalent” watts.
Look at true Wattage on LED’s and non burples are better 3500k ideally


is 271W good for all plants ? Those the true watts the light is called “Yueme cob 1500W “

Temps to low that’s fine in flower when lights are off. But when you upgrade to better lighting that will solve your temps imma guessing :grimacing:

I don’t use Mylar but Mylar has a heat reflection of 90% radiant heat and I think it’s 95% light reflection as well. Refletix has the same they sell it at Lowe’s I have some for another project (ducting boxes) that’s fairly cheap to purchase. Rule of thumb on fans is one fan per light… I know that rule of thumb doesn’t work always for the tent people…Your rh could be up a tad bit I’m running mine at the moment about the same and no issues.winter rh is always low here…My 2 cents and it’s taxed :rofl::joy::rofl:


Depending on the footprint of that 271 it might do 2 plants but most likey will do 1.
Amazon is not the place to get lights
My recommendation is kingbrite.


my walls are reflective

coverage is 3.5Ft x3.5Ft seems alright i had this light before ina 5x5 tent with a 134W light nd got a okay weed but tha was the time i didn’t know how to top or anything

You asked me for my knowledge and experience so I gave it but if you think that light will do a 5x5 fly right away buds.

Blew your pics up your having some issues either to much water or to little watering. Hard to say but if you give them water and not long they perk up then you know which it is… Plus light factor is very low bruh! slow grow when temps at 66… Wish you well in your growing endeavor…

ima just stick to my outdoor grow