Thoughts on this anyone

Not sure on this one. Found it last night and there’s a few like it.
Photo not sure on the strain.
Soil grow and week two of flower
PH is 6.4
PPM is high at 2.0
12/12 schedule
She sits in the middle of my tent with two different types of light either side. 600 watt HPS on one side of her and QB260 rspec on the other side. I gave her a shot of nitrogen rich feed last night just in case it was a Nitrogen issue.
Temps are a little high at 85 and rh is 55%.

Is this from the top of the plant ? A Pic Of the whole Plant will make it easier to diagnose


Good point, it’s from the bottom third. I will pull her out tonight when the lights come on and get a better picture. Full plant just looks lime green but not sickly if that makes sense.

@Watt-Sun here’s some pics. Pictures are from the 4 sides and the last is the top down :face_with_monocle:. I gave her a shot of seaweed extract last night. Not sure if it’s imagination but she looks healthier. Jury is still out though

It looks to me like she does need some extra N due to the light green foliage this early in flower. Also I’m seeing signs of a Mag deficiency with the purple streaks on the stalk and fading lower leaves. What’s your overall feed schedule like ? Nutrients?

That was my thoughts. I suspected N issues but wasn’t sure if I had some sort of varigation going on. I will increase the seaweed extract as well as that is a quite high in N. Didn’t pick up on the mag deficiency though, nice catch :sunglasses:. I use Bionova Soil-Supermix with an NPK of 7-3-6. I use a high PK supplement after 3-4 weeks flower. Going into flower I use Canna PK13/14 then switch to bud booster 1-50-30 at half strength and slowly ramp that up. I have Canna calmag there that I use twice weekly, I will ramp the dose up a bit from the half dose that I have been using. I will use on every second watering instead of every third and see how I get on. Thank you for your help @Watt-Sun, appreciate it.

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