Thoughts on these plants

Hello folks. I have a quick question. A poster on another forum commented that he thought these plants probably had mold because of the way the leaves were dying. I’ve grown the strain before and in the last days the plants did the same thing but I didn’t get mold.

Can you guys take a look at these pics and give me your opinion on the subject of mold? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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I dont see any mold. Those older dead leaves can however form mold if left deep inside buds.

I do see nutrient issues. Not sure if its N toxicity or P deficiency… but u got something going on.

What medium? (Soil, coco, etc)

What nutrient lineup and in what amounts?

How about pH readings/habits?


The last 4 photos looks great those milky heads


Thanks. Should I attempt to trim the dead leaves?

I am growing in coco with Gaia organic and worm castings. I ph the water to 6.8. I haven’t fed for 3 weeks because I was afraid I was burning them.

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I am thinking another week to 10 days.

Coco is best pH’d around 5.8-6.2. 6.8 is extremely out of range

Do you have pics over the last couple weeks? Only one from last week, the one before, and the one before. Just want to see your progression


From a journal app I use. I am not consistent with entries.

That explains it! Looks like u had N burn a bit ago. Not bad, but definitely seeable.

Then by not feeding for 3 weeks in the middle of flower, she’s starving for bloom based feed. Id boost the PK leaning supplement next feed


Is it the yellow / brown leaf tips and a bit of shiny gloss on the little ones?
Wondering what you are seeing. Thanks
My way of thinking is if the tips aren’t singed a bit she is underfed :plate_with_cutlery: :plate_with_cutlery:


I concur! What lady doesnt like their nails done? (Burnt tips are calld painting their nails around here).

I just want them full and happy. So push em to the brink!


Should I trim the dead material?

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Out of likes Brother PurpNGold, solid pointers and like the comparison :love_you_gesture:


I trim AFTER the problem is fixed. Any leaves that pop off when you pull em are dead anyway so bot technically ‘trimming or defoil’n’ as much as removing future potential problems lol.

If there is green on the leaf and it doesnt stick nor isnt dead INSIDE bud, it can hang out until im sure ive fixed the issue