Thoughts on root riot seedlings pods...has any body used it?

I was trying to figure out the best way to start a seedlings so I decided to go to my local hydroponic store and the clerk referred me to root riot so I gave It a try he also suggested that i left a small amount of nutrients (FF Grow big *diluted by 1/4 strength) in the bottom of the humidity dome so i did! I’m new to this and didnt think twice before I did It kinda didn’t seem right but I took the man’s advice now all 8 of my seedlings look like mush I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the nutes but could it have been because the root riot was to wet also…? I also took his advice and gave my 1 month old plants the same nutrients diluted by 1/2 and they did not like it at all…

Sounds like overwatering. Seedlings need a moist environment, not saturated. Pictures would help, but it kind of sounds like they’re too far gone.

@Covertgrower gone is an understatement theres nothing left could it have been due to the fact that I had the humidity dome on outside in 90 degree temps I’m really just trying to get at least this part of the process down

Yeah… not that hot.

@Covertgrower so should I keep them inside until they grow a little bit next time I dont really have the budget to invest into grow lights and all that which is the reason I’m growing outdoors or would just keeping the humidity dome off be better maybe keep them in a shady area until they mature more? I mean those pods dry up fairly easy when there outside in the heat without the dome on

Even if you put them in the window, indirect sunlight, they would be okay. As they grow, increase them into sunlight. Start out in shaded area etc.

@Covertgrower Ok and if placed in window… dome or no dome how often do I water the pods? When they completely dry out? When are they ready to be placed in actual soil?

As soon as the cotyledons fold away and get the first set of leaves. The round leaves will die and fall off later.
Indoors I would keep a dome. Shade you could probably lose the dome. As long as it’s warm out.

Pods you want just moist. Not saturated, and with domes you probably won’t have to water but once most of the cycle.

@Covertgrower as far as I’m concerned you the mf man bro I really appreciate the input ind hope it allows me to get the best outcome for my new set of ladies I have about 14 seeds in a water bottle right now for attempt #2

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Happy to help!

I use root riot and live them. I would not use any nutes though! Not for a few weeks.

@Jstar Do you grow Indoors or out? What’s your approach when you use them? Dome or no dome? How often do you water? Do you water from the top or bottom ?

I grow indoor and Aeroponic. I also use them in soil, and in my experience they allow the roots to grow faster. I dome for the first week or so, but only in soil, I don’t dome in my Aeroponic setup.

But, I am a new grower, so while I have had great results with root riot, it has been a small sample size. I am still on my original bag of 50.