Thoughts on root health for new plants?


I was just curios on what the pros thought about mycorrhizae for our beloved plants? Any thoughts on products that would help build good root structure/health for marijuana plants? Thought I’d create a new topic for this cause I’m sure there will be differences of opinion on the subject. And we all wanna learn so…


I’m currently using products from gardening extreme or something like that I bought a sample pack and put their mykos in with my seeds I believe 8 or 8 days ago and they are almost all on there third set of leaves after there round leaves


I was checking out mykos myself, it is a mycorrhizae product. They claim it produces bigger and better harvests in the long run. Is the mykos tablets, or powder?


Its powdery but more like small fine pebbles would be more accurate If you ask me these are the fastest growing plants I’ve ever had


Wow! That’s awesome! I just ordered a 100 gram pack. Gonna use it when I transplant to 5gal grow bag.


Very nice I just ordered the sample pack to see if its worth it


I have been doing buco research lately into this very subject. I will be adding a water soluable fulvic and humic acid to my next grow. I have always developed my own soil life to stimulate root growth with good results so i am stoked to add it to the line up and see how BIG of a root system develops. Im also adding AN voodoo juice (fed with molassas) for hopefully an even happier soil.


Awesome, ive read a bit on those as well. Wasnt sure if it was something that would work for indoor grows though. You grow outdoors or indoors @monsterblackbass?


@Drillbit i grow indoors, under LED, all Autos.
from what i have gathered most nutrient lines have a product that contains one or the other or both (how much is a mystery though??). I used a biobizz product (top-max that has both in it. Its like 40$ ltr and i just didnt see results worth that. I just got 1lb of a water soluable combo for 18$ and i know the dilution rate for what i will make so im hoping to see some changes this round. Im dropping 6 Ilgm Jack Herer Autos this weekend. I am chopping 2 slow NL autos this weekend. OnE LoVe



THAT is lovely


Thanks @PurpNGold74 they are not as dense as i would have liked but my old space (just relocated 2 wks ago to this garage room add on) was running in the mid to high 80s and it puffed em up some. Wa …wa…wa. Now im running mid 70s in the new space


What kind of led we talking? They look like they’re stacked nicely. Bet that garage smells like my type of cologne


Yes beneficial bacteria are awesome…
I use mycko’s and azzo’s for soil grows and orca and hydrogard for rdwc… :grin:



Those colas look amazing @monsterblackbass! I’ve gotta get some of that fulvic and humic acid! is it combined in one product or you having to buy them separately? Also, how and when do you use it?


There’s a similar product by general hydroponics that’s called (diamond nectar) … I forgot to mention that I use it also , in rdwc… :grin:



I did 4 autos last round under 3x300wt (viparspectra, bloomspect, galaxyhydro) next run will be 6-7 plants under 5 lights, 3 viparspectra (2@450, 1@300), bloomspect 300, galaxyhydro 300) in my new space 3’3"x12’ (3x5 utilized for grow area) Im moving toward a cob setup end of year prob vero29 3000k with some 3500k. I rotate plants every watering (every other day) one to the right with a 1/4turn on the pot. I have found they love the rotation.

@Drillbit i would encourage you to do some research on the subject. Every supplier will be different as far as recommended doses and they are only a recommendation. For instance i use biobizz nutrients. I have found i can go way above there listed dosage for bloom with no burn issues and i have to stay below the listed dosage for Grow of i will get N surplus very quickly. I would start with a preblended mix of something and stay close to there recommendation to start. I have been growing for almost 2 years and i while i have started pushing the girls harder lately. I am just now comfortable with my nutrient base schedual to really start tweaking and adding and really pushing them to there limits. I will be doing a grow journal. I will try to remember to tag you.
@PurpNGold74 @drillbit


Nice caulk! Seriously though, awesome plants, bud :+1: