Thoughts on my issue?

Ok so its a runtz auto grown in ocean forest feed with earth dust dry organics its almost 5 weeks in. Lighting AC Infinity Ionframe evo 3. Useing rain water cal-mag and some recharge. Noticing yellowing tips mostly new growth. Ph problem, light stress or nutrient burn? Any thoughts are appreciated

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Plants look great, yellow tips are a sign that they’ve hit the nutrient threshold. Not a bad thing but keep an eye on them :love_you_gesture:


Ok thanks sir. Hopefully its just them taking all the nutrient uptake they can

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:point_up_2: that exactly :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:

Hi Growers I am having another issue with my plants.

I had nute lock about a week ago, flushed clipped most of brown spotted burnt tip leaves off. Hopefully I didn’t take too many. I probably should have waited another week to top bc I topped them 2 days ago once I saw the plants recovering from the burn. The bags are still heavy from flushing so I have not Fed or watered since Saturday when I flushed them to Salt build up out. please help

Grow details
1 Chemdog
1 OG Kush
1 Green Crack
1 Amnesia Haze
1 Super Skunk

I am running SF G1000w LED grow light
Set at 20" from canopy, raised to 27" today
Supplementing with C02
Pro-Mix bx is the soil
RO water supplemented with Calmag

  • Iron then I PH somewhere in the 5.8 to 6.2 range
    advanced nutes Micro, Grow, Bloom
    Feed schedule 2 waters 3rd is Feed then repeat
    I wait till bags are super light and leaves drooping down a bit before I water/feed
    Room temp is 81 degrees RH 55%
    I have AC set at 78 degrees, I live in Texas so afternoon time room rises above 78, I only have set at 78 to save on energy bill.

You can see the super Skunk still has the clawing leaves from the nute lock, I opted to keep them on while they fill back out since I took several of the burnt ones off. Didn’t want over foliate but probably did anyway. The 2 that are praying are Super Skunk and Green Crack

Does the group think this is because I topped while still recovering?
Room too hot?
RH too low?
Residual effects from lockout?
Lights were too close?
Something else entirely?

Hopefully I gave enough info to help diagnose this. Thank you for any advice!

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Are you testing the run off PH and PPMs :love_you_gesture: