Thoughts on my budget tote bubbler?

I’m new to hydro growing never really dabbled with it until this grow I went budget incase water was not my cup of tea but let me know thoughts and pointers always willing to learn right now I’m running the floraseries performance pack and need to get some more lighting but as for now I’m running 1 hlg150 quantum board led using 3 pc fans and power supply for ventilation clay pebble medium a simple dual out aquarium pump check valves and stones the two plants on the left started from some one else I used them as test dummies they were badly damaged was surprised to see them bounce back the tall one is zittlez the one below it is bubba kush then theres 2 fruity pebbles and 2 gelato


Looking good to start, but I think you might get a little crowded if you go more than a couple of weeks in this setup. I usually run 2 girls in a single 12gal for the first 2 weeks. After that they are fighting for space. I would also add something on top of the yellow plastic top to block light.

Yeah I’ve been thinking of trying to use some panda film to cover the top I was planning on moving them to there own Dutch buckets once I finished it but I’m not sure how well growing inside the shop will be

I’m just guessing but I think in the future you may have air issues with that tank bubbler.
Not enough air at roots will promote root rot.
What’s the gph on air pump ?

I run 6 plants in a 27gal tote. I use 3" net pots, and neoprene collars instead of hydroton. 4 airstones with 950gph air pump.


Yeah it’s the dual out aquarium pump at walmart it’s a stand in for now was looking at the eco plus commercial air it’s a 793 gph and possibly another hlg150 or a Mars hydro

Although I do have a couple questions I’m indeed ventilation fan is stronger then the exhaust fans so it airs my tent up like a bounce house and are t5 tube lights even a thing any more

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How is the tote working ? Are you cloning or growing from seedlings to harvests? , I have a similar set up

I started 4 of them from seed and 2 of them were a gift from a friend of mine I started in coco and moved to this after they started to get droopy

this is my set up
my tote


Moved from a 2 plant set up to 1 , since recommendation say they might get to close together

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It might help , I have a 2x4

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