Thoughts on lights

Good Morning All,

Please see the attached photos, I came across these lights and would like to know if they are worth purchasing.

Here is the manual

Looks like it is a wall draw of around 800 watts based on info/sticker

Not sure if this picture makes sense to me if the m is meters it doesn’t

If the second reading in center in orange 2.5M*2.5M for example with a hanging height of 1 meter providing 300-350 par it would be saying that it covers over 7’x7’ area and I just don’t see that happening but I could be wrong.

What size space will you be growing in needing coverage? How many plants etc.

Tagging @dbrn32 to get his thought on this


I have a space that is approx 9’x7’. Not sure if I would convert the whole space or section it off. I know this one light won’t do it, but I guess I’m wondering how does it stack up against a QB or the like. Would it be better served to spend the money on a QB.

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I’m not sure if the chart I posted above is even realistic etc…
I do use HLG 260 xl r-spec (2 of them) for 4x4. A pacific lights photo boost build covering the other half of 4x4 and 2 HLG 600H covering a 4x8 space and have been very happy with them.

If your not in a hurry to order let’s see what @dbrn32 might have to say as he is the go to on lights.


I think you would be better off going with something they actually give you the light output on.

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Thanks guys. I will stick with QB’s.

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He said to go with 2 HLG 260xl rspec and glad I did. :+1:

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