Thoughts on grow cabinet models, Kush Cabinet, or Yield Machine

Ok guys, I’m starting to rap my head around what it takes to grow, but I’m still not sure on a grow cabinet.

I was looking at the dealzer cash crop 4.0 3 foot tall version, but after digging, these seem like they are better choices.

Granted, I only know the basics, like CFL lighting is ok, HPS lights are a standard, LED’s are pretty good, and size is pretty important.

For those who do not know, I will be growing just for my self, so would like to get 1+ ounce a month on average.

The first choice, the Kush Cabinet is just about the same as the dealzers cash crop box from what I can tell, just at a better price…

Kush Cabinet.

So, for those who are more experienced, what are your impressions of the Kush Cab?

The one I like the most is the Yield Machine.
It has LED lighting, upgradable to 200W (Which I figured would be worth it), and it is bigger.

Yield Machine Max LED

From others on this forum, it has been recomended that I grow auto’s, and using 1 LED light through out the grow has it’s advantages.

So, thoughts guys?
Is there anything I should ask the manufacturer about the lights, ETC?

Any other opinions or thoughts/concerns about either cabinets?

A 2x2x5 will allow you at least 4 autos with the right lighting , are you can grow 2-3 feminized plants trained in the same size tent , you have to get air in and move air out and you can easily produced 2-4 ounces , and if done correctly and trained right 4-8 ounces or possibly more . I’ve seen a hydro plant , just one put out 16.5 ounces in the same size tent , vegged for 4 months in hydro .

Don’t get a 2x2x5 tent,you will be mad at how much you have to bend over or stay on your knees to get into the tent,I know cause the tent at my house is only 5 foot high and it’s a pain in the rear end.also I thought you didn’t have enough time to train autoflowers

I am growing WW Autos, and I need every bit of my 7’ tall tent.

Holy crap Latewood , autos grow that tall ?

I am currently growing in an ebb and flow tray I built, and it is 18" off the ground. Top of netpots are approx. 2’ off ground. Light takes up a good foot when almost fully raised.

So that is 3’ gone from head room; Leaving 4’ to grow plant, and have air space between. I had to tie the big one over. :smile:

Grow notes coming out in a couple months.

I’m waiting for them before I start my hydro run with an auto .

I’m curious to see what kind of yield you get Latewood.

So, I guess you guys are saying go with the Yield Machine then?

What about the lighting in it, should I upgrade it, or leave it at 180?

Any other thoughts about those 2 boxesare welcome.

No. I am saying, you need to maximize your headroom. Make sure you can fit grow systems, plants, and lighting/ventilation, in the cabinet, or tent that you invest in.