Thoughts on environment

Wanted your expertises. Running 2 girls in 2x2. Week 4 of flower. 1 viparspectra 300 and just added 1 hgl 100 2 days ago. Peyote critical and orange critical punch by Dutch passion 2-3 gallon smartpots. Both mainlined 8 colas in soil mixed with coco. Ph running 6.1-6.5 no defects but runoff is at 1075 ppm give or take. The peyote is fattening up but not the orange is lagging. Both incredibly frosty. Do you think slow growth is related to pmm or lack of light coverage prior to getting the hlg in?

I grew a nice plant with a vipar 300 in a 2x2. And the ppms look good. They’re just different plants and different plants grow differently


Light and ppm .some plants can take a good bit of fert. Some take massive amounts,I’d cut back a lol for a week maybe a lol or two only though,when she uses up nutrients in her a lol she 'll be ok you’ll lose a lol weight not too much now you got more light .I use a 400 watt hos soon as I see her start to flower,added to my floresents,2-2 ft. In a 3×3room,works great not expensive at all only a few $a month. I grew for first time indoors with only 2 2 ft. Floresents changed bulbs when started to flower,I got little thin scrawny bud and only a water is on whole plant,that sucked. Hope this helps,much love to all… Al

I would say its probably just a difference in genetics as well.