Thoughts on coco seed pods? Finding moisture control to be tricky

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Decided to get another couple plants started in the garage under t5s about a week or so ago. Last year I used peat pods to get my seeds started, and they worked out fine. The peat held moisture pretty well and wasn’t an issue. This year, I bought pods at a different store, and they’re 100% coco coir. Didn’t think it’d make a huge difference, but it looks like I was wrong.
Seems that coco can go from dripping wet to dry as sand very quickly. In the process of dealing with this, it seems that my little seedling got overwatered and became very sad and droopy. So, I held off on watering for a day or so, and that coco pod got so extremely dry, that I gave up on it and moved the seedling into promix. The promix will hang on to moisture in a more manageable way for me.

Is there a better way to deal with coco and sprouts/seedlings? Without a drip irrigation system it seems to need a bit more finesse to do by hand. Am I missing something?


@Myfriendis410 uses coco maybe he can assist here

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Like John said, I use coco. I actually prefer it for seedlings for the very reason you state.

What I do is start my seedlings in a solo cup, well vented, and use distilled water. Technically; you would ph to 5.8 but distilled works perfectly fine. I dome them and spray the dome with maybe a teaspoon in the medium.

My experience is they love it and transplant up within 3 weeks without nutes. This works for soil or coco.

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Thanks for the tip. Having the pod out in the open causes it to dry up too quick. I ought to have them under a dome to slow down the evaporation.

I’ll give it a shot.

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