Thoughts on calimagic


My plant just two weeks old havnt started nutes yet wondering if calimagic should b added to the floraseries i will b using


@Evile since you will be in hydro, you’ll be starting you’re nutrient regimen as soon as they develop roots. In water they take what you give them. Cal-mag is necessary along with your other veg nutrients. If you’re using well water, it’ll probably have some calcium in it. So take that into consideration.


@Covertgrower has you covered. I use CaliMagic and GH maxi series in Promix :v:


Thanks @Covertgrower looks like ill b goin to store here soon to grab some and go ahead and start my nute regimen


Thanks @MattyBear everyone here has been so helpful.


Anytime @Evile all out of likes!


Do you have a picture? After mine sprout, they get one week in the humidity dome, then into their forever home with nutrients, including calmag


I think a lot of the hydro growers use silica too. Not sure it’s necessary, but if you’re running to hydro store I’d consider getting some of that too.


Heres a pic @Grandaddy013 she two weeks old yesterday


Thank you @dbrn32 i will definitely look into it


Plenty big for nutrients. I start mine at 1/4 strength of manufacturer’s recommendation