Thoughts on 1 of 6 OG Kush Autos about 1 month behind. 5+ months in ebb/flow

Hey Folks,

All pants were popped1st week of Aug. not sure what happened to this one. I believe it is running out of N just when I have on a flowering feed schedule. Any thoughts?

I already took a harvest off the other 5 plants. I had to start feeding this girl heavy flowering schedule early on due to the other plants


@jnt62 pretty new myself…im sure there are others with more knowledge. With that being said…your plant looks very similar to a WWA i had that just would not mature. Same as you started with 4 plants all same time. 3 finished in about 16 weeks. But the problem child went all the way to 125 days from sprout but never turned amber just white pistols. I had to chop it anyway i needed the space. Ive only grown autos so far. They do what they want not much control. And they are very touchy…prone to stress easy. Light swings…temp swings…humidity swings can stunt or affect them adversely. I would give you he same advise i recieved about my plant and that was to let her finish shes a monster.

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@Phoneman Thanks for chiming in… 1st-time grower too!!! Yea I am learning but I probably won’t grow more autos …at least for some time… I just wanted to get a fast crop in… yea… right.

It’s tougher in an ebb and flow when all the ladies are getting treated the same. I want to bring it along but I’m not sure how I should adjust a GH nutrient regimen


I just ran a few auto with gh, any yyaaaaa don’t go by there feed regime, when I got into flower my og lush did the same thing yellowed out fast and I had to almost double the gro from there suggested feed just to keep my leafs a lime green, but yeah I would adjust nitrogen as needed

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I just changed the res out mad a good guees at what this one might need. I’m going to run this one through because the buds I got off the other 5 are awesome

much appreciated