Thoughts from the Morning Garden


good morning forum folks…71 degrees and rising, thunderstorms are predicted, time for lawn mowing before they hit…it’s the last day of school for my grandson, summertime babysitting begins today!..and there’s another 6 hours left on my crock pot cook of 4 sticks of butter and a little over an ounce of small buds plus some water @darren @Hogmaster, looking forward to trying it out.


@kabongster hahahahah I was just having the talk with wife about me needing the crockpot to make butter she said no way I don’t want my crock pot smell like that shit hahahaha so I told her she can buy a new one she promptly handed over the old one hahhahaha :+1: Butter coming soon to my frigid :cowboy_hat_face::v:


@Countryboyjvd1971 … I am looking forward to a different level of medicine tho the cannacapsules are simpler and quicker… there’s always time to experiment and usually stuff to experiment with :wink: and each way of preparing the cannabinoids seems to determine the effects, their onset, duration and strength?

btw @Countryboyjvd1971 …there’s less smell so far using the crock pot (for 48 hours), milder but still there…decarbing in the oven (for an hour) and using a double boiler on a stove for extraction (for 5 hours) both had stronger odors.


Good morning @Countryboyjvd1971 and the rest of the gang!
Girls are growing fast. Buds are getting so big they;re top heavy
Got a formal dinner for my son;s 6th grade graduation tonight.
I don’t remember having these event for anything other than high school graduation…
Always, should be a fun night!

Hope all you dads had a great day yesterday!
Off to start my work day!


You can go to Walmart and get one for like 10 bucks


@Countryboyjvd1971 what I did was buy an additional “crock” and that one gets used only for cannabis.


@Hogmaster @Sl1
I got the old one and she’s going to get her self a new one lol
I’m very lucky my wife loves kitchen appliances hahahha so any excuse to buy a new one and she is on board hahahahahaha
She gave me the old one before I was done saying she can have a new one
@kabongster I figured I would set it up in my grow room that has a carbon filter and exhaust as well
That should take care of the smell I think ?


Good evening, fellow stoners. Whilst we wilt under the desert sun of Belgium, a life changing experience happened to me today…THIS arrived!

Like most who experience vapeing for the first time, I’m like…wow! My chest doesn’t hurt! I can toke away, become comfortably numb and continue to breath easily. HIGHly recommended!


I got my first vape a couple months ago. Prepare to go thru a lot more medicine now. It just uses more when its vaped instead of smoked. Thats what lead me here. Figured I better learn to grow my own so I can afford to vape it! :grin:


I stumbled on this over the weekend and thought some of our Dead & Co fans would enjoy this outstanding interpretation of Dylan offered by The Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

The synth solos are totally heartfelt and more moving than I would have ever thought a synth could be.


That’s some good stuff right there! @Willd


#**105 FREAKING DEG. SUCKS! Just go away sun! ** :rage:

Cant wait until Weds. 109


@Rugar89 mother nature is not playing nice. You’re frying and here in the northeast we are shriveling up from rain, mist and fog. Sun is supposed to come out tomorrow…here’s hoping :sunny: :sunny: for us and some relief for you. Is it typically that hot where you are this time of year?


@Ragnar , that’s the heat we had here last summer , we had 33 days straight with temps over the 105°, now its winter and I want the sun baxck , plus , I need to start a new crop soon as don’t think I will have enough to get through to next harvest, under a lb left and still 8/9 months to go.


The skies just opened up here! Absolutely pouring. Crazy weather. At least we won’t be hearing the word drought around here for awhile!


@bob31 They said north and west of Providence was going to get hammered with severe thunderstorms tonight. I went out to cover my plants but the winds are gusting pretty good here so I don’t how much good it will do. Crazy is an understatement. I don’t think I will get hit as bad since I’m closer to the water and the storms are dissipating as they get closer to the coast. We’ll see. Be safe.


the one that hit here has already passed! we had some pretty good wind on the front edge.

Any thoughts of getting a small greenhouse for your plants? @AnneBonny


@bob31 We had considered that early on but opted not too. Regretting that now. They are in the ground and I’m not sure if moving them would be more detrimental. Live and learn I guess. I give farmers a lot of credit having to deal with the weather for their livelihood. I can’t even imagine the stress of so much being out of your control.


I was thinking more like putting the greenhouse over them.

At least until either these rains stop or the ark is ready, either one… @AnneBonny


Oh gotcha! @bob31. Good idea. I will have to run that by my construction manager a/k/a hubby and see what we can come up with.