Thoughts from the Morning Garden


Yeah they used to be known as the little bear and they are our oldest known living breed of dog, they are Chinese Chow chows, when they first came to the UK ,they were a gift from the emperor of China to our queen and she had them put in London zoo lol, when I have them out on their leads ,I’ve had people cross the road with their kids, other peopl think they are like either lions or bears and want to give them a cuddle, they love cuddles :wink: who doesn’t a


They are regal @darren and beautiful.


Thankyou, I love them all, I’ve had 4 Chow chows :wink:


Yes they are. Very beautiful.


Thank you @bruinsfan33 ,they are known for being stand offish and aloof :wink:


Yes they are beautiful, when I was about 8 my mom and her ol,man got one . Baby face was her name,great dog Saavedra me from a cotton mouth!
Miss that pooch


this is one of my dogs as a tattoo :wink:


Looks like the same one I have @bruinsfan33

Im an ST holder with pats too. We will have to tailgate one of the games!


Sounds good bought a cheap one and forget it lol glad I found this scope.

Yeah definitely anytime. I know the first one I’m going to is the preseason giants game (kid wants to see OBJ ) was just there last week for monster trucks. Changing the banners around. I say put number five on the lighthouse


I’m going to the first pre season and the opening night game as well so I can see them hang the new banner! I share my tix with my two sons so it’s all good. If no one wants the Giants pre-season, I will probably go to the game too! All depends too a buddy of mine has a younger son, he might be interested in the Giants game too!

I usually wind up in the Teddy Bruschi lot 54


I got selfish this year and sold them for some $$$ work at 3 am.


hahahaha You wouldn’t believe all the patriots stuff I’v got @BIGE

pooches awake!


Yeah and you can see the mastermind behind all the shenanigans, thereally in the middle!


good morning @Nug-bug ! good morning all!


Hey @BIGE, good morning,
And good morning to all yall bad a$$ growers!


Good morning everyone, hot and sunny here ,happy growing
@Willd @Majiktoker @bob31 @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971 @Coltfire


Good morning! Going to a muggy day today here.


Good morning morning garden…another gray day here on the Cape… :cloud_with_rain:


Good morning @darren @Capt_Seeweed @North_East_Newbie @Nug-bug @bob31
Hope you all had a great weekend warm and humid here chances of heavy thunderstorms this afternoon
Yayyyyyy lol
Happy growing guys and gals :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:John


Yep she is for sure. My wife and I swear she thinks she’s a dog.

Good morning all!

Cloudy 74 degrees and 87 RH no sun here till tomorrow afternoon!