Thoughts from the Morning Garden


here is our new little girl, she was only hours old in this pic ,she was born 6/17/17 will be looking forward to her coming home, in a few weeks, @Darren @Nug-bug that’s one of her sisters under her


Ah she’s so cute, love the colouring, I’m sure she’s going to be a beautiful girl


Yeah I got that 1/2 inch too! Still drying things out :wink:


@Coltfire Congrats on the new addition. Nothing like a new puppy to liven things up. Best of luck with her. Do you have a name picked out?


Hey @Coltfire Ruger here, let me know if the little girl needs any advice when she gets home. Life is good here for me as long as I pose for stupid pictures like this one and fetch his bowl. Got to go the old man is coming.


Ok, since everyone is posting dog photos today, here my pound puppy that I rescued from the humain society. This is Bandit.


@Rugar89 Love that face and those ears!


Here are my spoiled babies…


I love the crazy DOO on your little puck rocker there! :grin:


My new therapist. Tucker.


My two troublemakers!

I will try to find a pic where they are actually awake! Lol

Note the Patriots collar on the big guy!


here’s 2 more of mine :wink:


dang bob…that’s about enough with the patriots dog collar! lol


Love the pats!! Season ticket holder !! We want 6!


Just picked this up. 40 bucks on a certain site lol any opinions on this model?

Digital USB Microscope, Teslong Portable Multi-function Magnifier Otoscope Intraoral Camera with 10-200 Magnification IP67 Waterproof for Android Smartphone PC and Mac


Here’s my girl. No I don’t share. It’s her natural look lol



Use to deliver to a house that had two of these dogs. The first time, I thought they were bear cubs lol


Them eyes look like mine right now. :wink:


Having a Mai tai and heading home to do the same.