Thoughts from the Morning Garden


Good Morning to all and Happy Fathers Day to everyone even if you don’t have a child. We are all Mothers and Fathers to our girls here so as to why I celebrated Mothers Day with the wife. :couple_with_heart_woman_woman: I know that’s just an excuse to light one up.


Any excuse is a good one @ntmaremach hahaha
It’s a sticky one outside today @bob31
But I’m going to enjoy it anyway lol


Forgot to include my numbers 71 degrees and RH is 89%


Yep me too brother @Countryboyjvd1971 hey wanted to ask you about that pump. Where will that pull water from?


My rain barrel @bob31 I set up a redneck gutter system on the green houses hahaha and collect water
It’s has no drain cock on it so I figured I would just place it on top and put a hose inside barrel and suck it dry hahahaha :+1::cowboy_hat_face:John


Happy fathers day to all the dads and grand dads…have a great day…
Hope everyone has a great day… :wink:


They say when they get some trade agreement worked out it could get cheaper ( less charges at least ) but it has worked out pretty expensive.
Good morning everyone, another hot sunny day here in the UK, happy growing everyone
@kabongster @Smokin_ernie @Coltfire. @Willd @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Hahahaha yeah well those agreements never work out like we hope brother it only seems to benefit the governments that sign ? Not us little guys


Good morning @darren happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


so I took the dogs out for a little running after their breakfast…I started weeding a walkway (compulsive person that I am), getting hot and sweaty while the dogs are begging to go back in the house…

@darren …there should be a way to keep the costs low, even if it means the Ardent company ships to a local distributor and that helps defray some of the burden of any additional fees to you, the customer.


Yep that’s what needs to happen they need a UK distributor!


I think before you could get a distributer in the UK, cannabis would need to be legalised or at least decriminalised to have a certain amount, but I do look forward to it


Happy father’s day to all , we have fathers day the first Sunday of September , it also happens to be the day we plant our crops out side , ,hope all have a good day ,I’m about to hit the hey for the night, so talk in a few hours , oh we brought a pup today a quick $1400 ,we pick hér up in 8 weeks as only born yesterday , will put up a pic of her in the morning, so all you dads and single moms have a great day.


Oh my goodness 1400 for a puppy? Wow I thought us Americans love our dogs😂


She is a border collie ,from a long line of champions, and I pay that and double for birds lol oh and snake’s @Nug-bug


sigh…waiting on my wife…we shoulda left 15 minutes ago for a late breakfast…now made a little later :wink:


Well tbh I have been wanting a English bulldog for soon long. At $12-2500 I’ll be wanting a long time😣


@Kabongster I learnt many years ago , if you want a lady to be ready in time , tell her you have to leave 30 minute’s earlier, lol


I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful dog, my chows cost £1800 and I’ve had some great blood lines and I’ve even had a 3rd in crufts, we worked so hard to get there just to find that a lot of it is a big breeders club, lots of brown envelopes going about and a lot of the judges in 1 class are breeder’s in another class and you sort me out and I’ll sort you out kinda atmosphere, but I have 6 dogs and love them no matter what

Here’s my 2 Chow chows, I don’t do the shows anymore because of my copd


Well today will be my mostly relaxing day a Res change to do maybe some gardening and a furnace to get out of my truck or not? I couldn’t pass up taking it now I have to plan it’s install since it’s bigger than my old one and will be going into crawl space but needs to be stored dry for now :wink: Happy Fathers day!