Thoughts from the Morning Garden


I have most of my back completed as a dragon’s and knights piece


Nice :+1: @darren wish you could get a picture of that lol
I had a dragon worked into the piece I wanted dam man wish I would have just said the hell with it and sat in the chair oh well
Maybe I need to join a tattoo forum next hahahaha


Hey everyone. Wife and I are about done for the day. Spent most of it in Edinburgh Castle. What a moving experience that was! The museum commemorating the nation’s war dead is astounding! I was on the edge of tears for hours. Simply amazing.


here it is ,i’ll try to break it up for you



That’s some nice work @darren,how many hours so far


There’s 40 hour’s in that @Coltfire my brother,how are you feeling today


Had a few bad days, it seems like I’m going backwards,and now I’m losing feeling in both legs, the right leg ,is starting to get so sore I can’t walk on it as leg just collapses, not sure if I’ll make it to Wednesday to see surgeon ,may have to go back to hospital before then if it keeps getting worse,@darren


Ah no, that’s not good at all, I’ve felt like that a lot to ,the going backwards because it’s hurting more and more but I’m hoping that due to the operation, there’s a lot more healing to do on the inside, I do hope you start to feel better soon brother and don’t have to go back to hospital


Sorry @darren got busy yesterday and then fell out lol
DUDE that’s some nice work brother freaking awesome my man :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
You got a good artist doing your work brother nice
Good morning everyone too many of you to list now hahahaha
Hope you all have a great Saturday
I’m at work for a little while today then home :+1:


Good morning all.
I need your opinions.
My grow is in weeks 6 of flower.
I accidentally left the lights on all night (usually turns off at 6:30pm).
Do you think it is best to keep lights on all day today too or switch dark period to during the day from the rest of the grow?


Good Morning Garden. Rained all night NE of Boston MA 59 and damp here this morning!

Hot coffee and breakfast and catch up on some reading!

@Countryboyjvd1971 back at the OT again this week!

@North_East_Newbie leave them on and turn them off tonight. I use a timer cause I kept forgetting to turn them off!

Hope everyone has a great day!


that is some fantastical art you have @darren and good morning to you and @Countryboyjvd1971

going backwards to that Ardent Nova decarbing device, that is incredible the amount it cost to ship a package like that…
It’s a great premise, less lung irritation and more control of the decarb process, less wasted mmj…with that thought, the machine will pay for itself…but for my fixed income it’s out of reach for me, atm, until the price gets down to under $100 or less.

Morning @North_East_Newbie …my thoughts, turn the lights off now until tomorrow 6:30AM and get back on schedule.

oh boy, morning @bob31 …different ideas for @North_East_Newbie !


@kabongster I think both options are acceptable really. The plant isn’t going to get stressed out from a minor interruption either way

Maybe leave it on till noon and shut it off till the morning would be a good compromise? hahaha


@bob31 & @kabongster -thank you for your advice.

You both answered one of my questions the same, which is keep the same light/dark schedule.

How we get back on track varies LOL.


Split the baby…Solomon would be proud!!!:laughing:


I love comprises. :grinning:
They all sounds like good ideas.


Hmmm, I tried to “like” that…but I “am not permitted to view the requested resource”…am I out of likes?


One thing I learned here awhile back was that there are usually as many different ways to do the same thing as there are people responding!

LOL :v::+1::grinning::palm_tree:


not out of "like"s…dunno


I keep getting warned that I’m almost out and then they’re back again… I know I always seem to run out!


try refreshing the page or log off/ log back on… that’s a weird error @kabongster