Thoughts from the Morning Garden


Thanks for the lowdown Al. :v:


Oufff 100 degree, that hot :disappointed_relieved:… I am glad to see that every thing is under control now @Hogmaster


They’re cool= you’re cool. :icecream:


Thanks @Niala ,that’s one of my chest tattoos, glad you like it, do you have any ? And thanks for telling us about hawkeye diesel


You’re welcome Willd :innocent::v:


And all week it’s supposed to be in the hundreds I figured piss on this I’m going back underground I will tell you this my pothead cat was so happy


Yes, just 1 self made in my teenage years with two needle with a weldding tack held in a eraser of a lead pencil… It’s just a black cross in a blue circle on one of my shoulder… It’s aweful… It’s in my bucket list to make it recovered… lol

And you’re welcome @darren, I just thought that poeple should know about Hawkeye, since he was appreciated…


Yeah I used to have a few done with a needle, cotton and Indian ink lol but I’ve had all those covered over now thankfully


Schoodick is awesome!! Everything right there, small and self contained!


??? Hope he is OK ???


One day it’s gone a be my turn, one day. …:grinning::pray:


Oh no, I really liked him such a nice guy and great participant. Hoping he comes back!


We’re all cool!


@darren nice icon pic brother but yesterday you wanted to be anonymous and today your posing for pictures lmfao your a funny dude bro hHahahahaha


Yeah I hear you @Countryboyjvd1971 but I’m showing all my tattoos, I did crop the picture to take off my head but to start with but since all my tattoos are showing and I couldn’t be bothered to get a shirt on and take another picture, I figured own it :wink: lol


No worries brother I just thought it was funny :joy: @darren
I pretend I didn’t see your face hahaha :sunglasses::+1:
That lion head on your chest is same as icon picture?


Yeah my icon is my tattoo @Countryboyjvd1971


Nice that’s what I thought but you know my eyes aren’t what they used to be haha
Nice bro I love it


Thanks brother I love it ,its one of my best one’s :wink:


Yeah I was look at your work you have some nice detail work there sir :+1:
I’m wanted to get my whole back done years back @darren
And I wish I would have when I was young and didn’t need the for other things lol it was going to cost me 2500 back then about 20 years ago don’t even want to think what they would charge now hahahha