Thoughts from the Morning Garden


@darren they seem to really beat you fellas up over there in Europe in general and the peeps in Australia as well ? I don’t really get it is it all bs taxes and stuff ?
Yes I did @North_East_Newbie and woohoo on test bud :grin:
@ntmaremach nice grow bro :+1:
Morning @Willd


Man, goldy is looking great. You learned fast and have really got it going on now brother.
I can only imagine what you could achieve if it were legal there and you could grow in the open.
It’s goddamned good for a stealth grow my friend


Sure it is, they recently found 40 tons of cocaine smuggled into the Antwerp harbor. Think the smugglers had to pay customs? Hell, no, just the poor little dawgs like us.


Yes for sure Mr @Willd , I can’t wait to have some bud to be putting through it, I hope it’s as good as I think it’s going to be, it should be the new best way of decarbonising it so I just can’t wait to try it out,thanks about goldy ,I’m quite pleased with how she’s looking but I’m just learning from you all, specially you Mr @Willd with all of my questions, I just hope the buds swell this time and my first and only successful clone, but your right I’d love it to be legal to grow here ,I think it’s gonna be its just a matter of time


MARONE! those all look stunning. It’s cool to see the flowering cannaporn stuff prior to Oct when it’s all happening for me.


Almost expect to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex come plunging out of there! Absolutely brilliant!


Holy cow that’s a bunch of coke @darren
That would be some freaking party :tada: hahahahaha
Yeah it always the little guy who gets the big one brother :thinking:


Yeah, Antwerp seems to be a popular harbor to smuggle drugs into Europe. I know for a time Belgium was XTC producing capital of the world, don’t know if it still is. I stay away from that crap, though, had enough hallucinogenics in my younger years.


I sympathize as well but don’t think for a second “fees” weren’t agreed upon and collected by some Belgian customs official or law enforcement from the coke smugglers.


LOL! You got my joke!


I just remembered my assistant is OoO thru Tuesday enjoying a little PTO so I gotta get to work!
TGIF and happy growing! @darren @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Sl1 @ragnar @kabongster @bobwags @North_East_Newbie @Screwauger @Rugar89

Umm can anyone say whatever happened to hawkeye_diesel? I just realized he’s been missing for weeks.


Happy Friday Will!


Have a nice day @Willd


In case you’ve never seen 40 tons of cocaine…
40 Tons of Cocaine


If Canada and Europe sign a free trade agreement in the near futur, you’ll probably be able to order from , @darren @DieHigh55 :wink:


@Willd he’s no longer a member of the forum ? If you go to his profile there was a message on there saying something about at the request of user something something? Not sure what happened tho


Quote : This user is suspended until May 27, 2027 3:12 pm.
Reason: Calling out staff in open forum, quitting.

@Willd @Countryboyjvd1971


Omg , I had missed him, that’s a real shame,I really liked him


We gone a miss him… By the way, nice avatar, darren :grinning::+1:


Boy it was a late night went to bed around 430 central time but I got all my shit moved no more hundred degree weather for my babies