Thoughts from the Morning Garden


That sucks @darren dam fees


I know brother tell me about it, after paying the shipping that’s including customs duty in the cost, I shouldn’t have to pay again this end, and I try to contact them and they just don’t reply


Good morning garden! Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

Might get some rain today. 64 and overcast at the moment.

The coffee hit the spot and the breakfast sammy was delicious!

@Smokin_ernie @darren @Capt_Seeweed @Niala @Countryboyjvd1971 @AMUSED2DEATH @Sl1 camping ! woo hoo! @Myfriendis410 @BIGE @Screwauger

@darren my sister lives in AUS and I used to send her gifts for the holidays but now I send her paypal and she does the shopping there. The import was insane.


So today is happy Friday! How about a garden pic of your grow in sort of a show & tell. One or two pics just to compare the different stages of grows we are at.

This was taken last night and is posted on my grow journal

Far back row are my three cannabis plants the vine is a rescue attempt of a climatis vine and i even cut some clones of the vine you can see them in the rooters.

Far left in the front are two recovering aloe plants and the green square is wheatgrass!

The MJ are 2 Blueberry Autos on either end and a Gold Leaf in the center. I also dropped a gorilla glue seed into water last night!


Unfortunately for me, @bob31 , I will just sit and enjoy the view, since I cannot renew my grow permit and it’s gone a take me a couple of months to have the $$$ for me to build a tent with an airlock entrance to concile the smell , only then my appartment home ownership will sign the dam goverment paper…


yeah I saw that. Maybe a friend could loan some space in the meantime? I don’t know if thats possible. Any thoughts of moving?


Took this about an hour ago. Lowryder doing great best of all 4. The gold leaf looks like they may have gotten a little heat stress. Each one has a funky looking leaf. The AK is plugging along.


Do you need a license to grow then @Niala ? Does everyone have a license then as I thought you just needed a medical card to say you can grow it or buy it
Thanks @bob31 , yeah I know the fee’s are insanely stupid but since I paid the duty the American end when I paid the shipping, I shouldn’t have to pay customs charges my end, I thought that was only when the sender hasn’t paid the duty charges when it was posted, I could be wrong as I don’t send a lot of stuff abroad but I do buy a fair bit and the only time I usually have to pay customs it’s when the duty hasn’t been paid,I gotta say though brother I can’t wait to try it, it says a maximum of between 7-14 grams depending on the density of the bud :wink:


Sorry @bob31 but I couldn’t get all six plants into one shot so three pictures.
Flowering room: Four Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and two Chronic Widow. Mature plants are on day 58 of bloom and the younger are on day 12.

Three Gold Leaf in the veg room. You can see I need to put these into the flowering. Probably top these very soon


you need to get a wide angle lens! @ntmaremach thats a good problem to have! Looking good @Smokin_ernie If they are drying out to much on ya get the pot wet too and that will keep them moist longer.


Good morning again :grimacing:
Hope you caught some Zzzz on your train ride the am.
I snipped my first trial bud this morning.
Excited to smoke my first home grown nug soon!!!


When I was spraying them they would dry out pretty fast. I gave them each 8oz of water yesterday and they were still damp this morning which would have gotten the pot wetter just like you say.


It’s possible but I will have to go rogue since my friend neighbour has a conviction of cannabis possession in the last 10 years, so, since it’s the law and condition here in Canada , that’s my only option near me… Moving will cost me 3 months penalty fee and if the owner do not have rent it after 3 months, he could go to the rental board and ask as many months penalty more until the end of the 1 year caution or if you prefer the lease contract that I have sign in January for an 1 year extension…

However, @bob31 @darren, I still have my possession permit and I can made order in any legal dispensary who has a medical distribution permit in Canada… If I was the owner, I will not be in that situation, but here, in Canada, even if the judgement of the suprême court allow medical home growth and it’s label as a constitution right their is an amendment for appartment ownership that say I need the permission of him to do it… It’s gone a be the same, next year, when it gone a be legalize for recreational purpose…


Happy Friday @bob31

here’s goldy and her daughter


Wow that looks like a 3 lunger.


Wouldn’t you be better off ordering from Amazon UK, if they have the stuff? I can’t always get deliveries from the Amazon US but always from the UK.


Yeah I do normally @DieHigh55 but since this is a new thing I couldn’t find it on amazon at least that’s why I assumed I couldn’t find it on there


Bummer. If I order from the States I also have to pay Belgium customs charges, sometimes more than the item itself. Super rip off!


Bummer about the additional cost, but it’s going to consistently decarb that stuff perfectly though, right? :crossed_fingers:


Happy Friday to you and everyone. Here are my Moby Dicks 2 and 3 (1 died). 2, on the left, is 6 days under 12/12 and 3, on the right is a week since flowering. 2 is in coco and 3 is in soil, wanted to see if there would be a big difference in growth, care, etc. Doesn’t seem to be except that the coco is watered with nutes every day. And any moment, the doorbell is going to ring and it will be the delivery person with my new Arizer V Tower vaporizer. Yes, it’s time to join…Sgt. Stoners Messed Up Lungs Club Band. Gonna be a fun weekend!