Thoughts from the Morning Garden


So how long are you in the UK for @Myfriendis410 ? So how are you and your family enjoying it ? I hope the weather gets really nice for you


Dear Bob (If that’s even your real name?) LOL Since we would all be stoned or working on it would be just a jam session! hahaha I’m tone deaf at least when it comes to playing or singing so I vowed years ago to just be a listener and fan! So with that said if you could get every third cord or so of the Who’s Next album I’m sure we would be happy!

Hope everyone is having a great evening/ morning!


@Kabongster, I used to have a clear perspex,one about the sane size ,I loved smoking out of it but you always needed a friend to light it,and like you , my lungs wouldn’t allow me to smoke out of it anymore, if I still had it.


@BobWags , I used to play and record,write my own music, then after my accident ,I lost a heap of memory , and playing guitar was part of it I lost , can’t play twinkle twinkle little star any more, the songs I wrote , I have no idea of the cords to them anymore, yes getting old suxs


We are here until the 21st. We are staying in Edinburgh until Sunday morning when we catch a train back to Winchester. It is truly one of the most moving and beautiful experiences I’ve ever seen to be here. The people are wonderful. The weight of time is so visible on everything you see. Man’s imprint on this island is indelible. I sometimes feel my ancestors in the places we’ve been. It’s a melancholy experience. In a good way.


Good morning all you know who you are lol
Going to be cool today and a bit cloudy
FYI I’m update my ssh thread for those interested
Have a great day all :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:John


Good morning all!!! Got question about inline fans and tent. Do you run exhaust and intake fan running all the time? Plants are about a week old.
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Exhaust definitely
Intake I only run mine once I have a good canopy brother passive till then and a second fan in tent to move air :+1:


Cool thanks I have been running both. Hot days i would want to run both?


good morning all!!


T.G.I.F. folks!! Hope everyone has a productive day!


If you need to @Smokin_ernie but my experience is a fan in tent to move air around and the exhaust is enough until you have a full tent ? But if heat is a issue and running intake help go for it
I try not to use electric if possible that’s why I turn mine off (intake ) when I don’t need it
Exhaust always runs 24/7
Good morning @BIGE and @Screwauger @bob31 @kabongster @darren @Capt_Seeweed @Willd
@North_East_Newbie again hahaha and the rest of you wonderful peeps


Glad to hear you and your family are having a great time, almost another week left that’s great, will you be coming to Wales while your in the UK?
Good morning to everyone, how is everyone today,I hope your all doing well ,another bright and sunny day here , happy growing everyone @Willd @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Smokin_ernie @Myfriendis410 @Majiktoker @Niala @Coltfire


Good morning


good morning forum folks, @BIGE @Screwauger @bob31 @Sl1 @Donaldj @darren @Capt_Seeweed @Willd @BobWags @Smokin_ernie

cool temps and rain…today I buy some insect killer…our house is surrounded by bugs and the edges of my yard are breeding grounds for the pests.


Oops, missed you @Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala @Coltfire @Hogmaster @ntmaremach good morning!


Lol all good brother
I missed @Niala @Coltfire and @Hogmaster as well lol happy Friday guys and gals


Good morning everyone…hope all is well where you are and your plants grow strong…


Good morning @darren @kabongster @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Smokin_ernie @BIGE @Screwauger @Capt_Seeweed and every one else who is up :grinning:


I got my ardent lift decarboxylator to, not really happy for 2 reasons, number 1 I already paid £60 shipping fee, which was quite expensive but I thought yeah I want it ,and now it’s turned up and I had to pay an extra £49:31 customs duty, I have tried to contact the company with no response ,so an extra £110 just for shipping and customs duty, now I have to wait for my next harvest from goldy before I can try it and tell you all about