Thoughts from the Morning Garden


Love Acadia!

I’m getting useless in Eustis right now
(North Maine woods near Quebec border)




We’re going to try biking some of the DownEast Sunrise Trail this summer and fall. Schoodic Woods instead of the MDI part of the park too. No Cadillac Mt or Sand Beach on the one hand, but virtually 0 crowds on the other. Stunning views of Cadillac Mt from across Mt Desert Nrrows

Where we live is just too hilly to bicycle without exhausting ourselves in short order.
Those trails based on old railways tend to be more level and better suited for a lower impact ride.

Safe travels and soaking up nature!


Hey Buddy-
Sounds like things are improving for you on the rock. I’m spending more time outdoors and less time at my keyboard but you and the rest of our green thumbed brothers and sisters are in my thoughts when I’m tending to my crop. :v: :sunny: :wink:


Looks beautiful @Sl1
I love camping :tent:
Enjoy the stay what a great view to sit and smoke a fat cone too :+1:Woohoo :v:️ CB



Sounds like a great time. I may have been playing guitar since 1977 but I never said I have musical ability :roll_eyes::musical_score::guitar::musical_note::notes::hear_no_evil:


I’m sure your better then you think @BobWags you said you couldn’t grow mj either hahaha :+1::v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


“50 lb salmon, halibut and big cod, who’s that?” That was @Donaldj I believe, trying to make me cry and succeeding


good morning
@Willd @Smokin_ernie @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89 @Capt_Seeweed @DieHigh55 @Sl1 @BobWags @darren

I had to dust it off, but here’s my old bong, I don’t think I have the lungs to smoke thru it anymore…


Phew thankfully job done, just been mowing the garden with my ride on mower, the hardest bit was the gates, the nettles and thing’s were 3 to 4 ft high and I did get stung a few times, it’s the first time we’ve done it this year, what with the weather and my hospital ,this was my first chance to do it this year, sitting down with a nice cuppa tea and a joint
Sweet bong @kabongster and @Rugar89


I love the peace pipe @kabongster :+1:
Wooooooooooo hooooooooooo spark it up brother



When I practiced every day I was pretty damn good but I haven’t really picked up that guitar seriously in years. If I practiced I might surprise you. I used to be able to play the Who’s Next album from start to finish. But that was the early eighties :slight_smile:



Looks like something from the Oklahoma territories back in the early 1800s :slight_smile:


My brother plays as well bro and it’s like riding a bike he’ll leave it alone for years picknit up and it’s like a old friend brother I think you’d surprise yourself not me my friend :+1: I’m sure your better then you say and your just being humble as you always are @BobWags



I find myself trying to play songs that I knew in my sleep 20 years ago but then I have to Google the chords to remember. What a drag it is getting old…


@BobWags I love that song hahahahaha


We were there TODAY! Had a great time touring the Highlands and lunch at the Loch.


Did you do the boat ride on the Loch? We needed a bit of whiskey in our coffee to stay warm…I skipped the coffee. Cool place!


Truer words have never been spoken


We didn’t have time. Went for a walk instead.