Thoughts from the Morning Garden


@Hawkeye_diesel, I’ve always just called it shatters ,as that’s exactly what it does to you, lol


Haha yeah it’s pretty potent


We’ve always called it hippie crack. Or finger hash. An it not too shabby. Buddies would pass out trying to take a full bowl off the old bong.


Hippy crack to me has always been nitrous. Too many music festivals memories


Good morning another lovely spring morning in the USA . Smoking a bowl outside and watching the sun rise. So much nicer then be squirreled in the basement. Have a great day everyone!!


Good morning world! @Smokin_ernie

Breakfast Sammy tasted really good this morning! Coffee is hot and right.

39 degrees on wakeup this morning…

Looking for some help with glycerine based tincture and RSO.

Input or interested?


good morning @bob31 , @Smokin_ernie hope all is well


Not working tomorrow and today looks like an easy day! So things are good @BIGE


Good morning @bob31 may I ask what is rso?


RSO is Rick Simpson Oil

It has other names as well. @Smokin_ernie


i have put some sugar leaves in the freezer last grow,this time around i believe i’ll have plenty to make some RSO… or bubble hash…lol i still have not made my mind up yet.
i’ve never made either so this will be a learning exp.


I was thinking of making shatter with the hair press. From there it can be smoked, made into any tincture, vape or edibles.

I have also been trying to determine what is the best form to make all those and shatter looks the easiest to me. But bubble hash or rso or whatever I think it will all work, lol


I should say it looks the easiest for me. Not that I am proclaiming it so.


yea,Bob i’m wanting about the same,diversity with what you can do with your canna…


I really can’t smoke alot so I like the bud vape but for ease of use I really like the ejuice vape. Man the dispensary bought vape juice and a full tug and I need help getting to my chair. Lol. A half is about all I need. If I keep it low I can use it all day long.

We use two types of MJ here. Higher thc sativa during the day for my back and a more 1:1 THC/cbd for evenings. So I collect the ABV in two different containers so that I can make a cbd vape juice and just screw on whichever tube I want. Easy peasy lol


Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all doing well
@bob31 I have it written down somewhere how to make bubble hash but I haven’t tried it yet, but I am really keen to try the cannabis capsules that @Willd has explained how to do and I want to try it with Bertha, but what can I use the leafidge for and if anyone has any recipes they’d like to share with me


@darren good morning!

I’ve looked at making bubble hash and that’s not an option for me.

There’s a ton of stuff to make with the trim.


yea that is about what i need … a pick me up for the day,and a relaxing lay me down for the evening…lol it is tuff gettin old!


Goodmorning y’all, looks like it’s going to be a nice day, yesterday was rainy and gloomy but we sure needed that rain.


Good morning! Got a great nights’ sleep last night thanks to my WW Little Girl! She is the plant I let grow a week longer…wow! Total couch lock! Really happy I have two harvest intervals from my first grow, early harvest is a great euphoric high, late harvest is couch lock and sleepy time :heart_eyes:. All from the same strain, cool!


Good morning @Mrcrabs and @Sl1 another day in paradise!

Glad to hear that the ww is working out for you! Awesome best of both!