Thoughts from the Morning Garden


Every morning at about 6am I grab a cup of coffee or two turn on some country music or 70s rock and I pull up a chair in front of my grow tent and I ponder life, news, growing, and whatever.

Bored? Up at 6am EST? Pull up a seat and stay awhile. Hang out, say something witty or pithy or just say hello. I’ll be here maybe munching on a breakfast sandwich or neatening up the grow room. Lights on at 0600!

See ya then.

First timer, please evaluate my plants
Bobby Bob and the Funky Bunch- ILGM AK47 Auto Grow
And here we go my first indoor grow
Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)
Ventilation cooling
The ILGM DownEast 12
The ILGM DownEast 12
Show off you favorite bowl, bong, whatever method you feed the need

I’m in. I was thinking of doing something similar. I’ll just troll here instead :slight_smile:


Well in the green room the topic of discussion can be anything we want it to be.

And no need to troll. Pull up a bowl and sit a spell lol


Right. And we don’t need to wedding crash other threads to chat.


I’m in too, maybe not each morning but more then often :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:


Oh I will be creeping on this thread for sure great idea @bob31


Ya , ya , ya … I’ll be lurking around just before work , trying to get my morning started… love work , but I hate getting up in the morning… my wife has big beautiful boobes… I hate getting up… :wink::grin:



Good morning boys and girls from the frozen tundra of MA USA


71 degrees in the house by the woodstove and 26 outside this morning. Grow room was 70.7 and 49 Rh soil was pretty dry so a good watering is in order!

Hot coffee, breakfast sandwich coming up and all is well


Thought of the day…

Amazing the quality weed plants I see being grown here on the ilgm forum. And many by folks that don’t have a lot of experience. Kudos to all


Brady Day is coming soon!

No likes on Brady???


@peachfuzz work? Bummer, lol. I’m looking out the window at the fresh snow and only thinking its great I don’t have to go out there!

@Matthew420 @Paranorman how much did you guys get?

I’m around an inch or so looks like. Snowed all night too haha


Gm bob31, a cool 40 this am… Drinking a boost ,smoked cigs like they’re going out of style… SOS just the different day, my day started @1:30am got a late start lol…


That is cool. But you guys will be warming up pretty soon I’m thinking! What’s your daytime ?

I’m on a pretty normal sleep schedule but I’m usually a 7-8 a night guy but lately 5 hours or so a night is all im getting.

Hoping to get some good couch lock indica to help with that lol.

Congrats on making it home and passing your test you must have studied all night, lol


It’s supposed to it 70today all this cold then hot is why so many are sick… Into usually get 2-4 hours of sleep @night , yes I studied all night and still passing lol


Yep temp swing of that much is tough. You need some clouds to hold the warm in. I think we’re hogging them all up here in New England right now. It was 16 here yesterday morning and only got up to mid 20s yesterday. Stayed pretty much mid 20s all night which is basically normal for here.

Take your 70s any day!


I wouldn’t be able to move in that temp lol I’m on blood thinners… The cold grabs may on warm days lol…


I hear ya. I’m more of a warm climate person myself. Looking forward to eventually getting a little further south at some point. The pan handle of FLA is calling my name :sunglasses:


Say it ain’t so bobby
Hahaha well miss you up here in the NE bro
How the garden going this morning kiddo


Doing good. Nothing drastic as far as moving. I think a month in Fla next year isn’t out of the question. Just gotta save my nickles and dimes.

I’m gonna update my grow tomorrow but everything looks on target.

You working today? Any new snow upstate?