Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


a few pints i would be game!


Hello :wave: well dog had to go out and now I am wide awake. It is getting close to closing this thread.


really,really close @Smokin_ernie


Let’s finish this :joy:


:bomb: when big e goes fishing!


That is pretty sweet setup


The way it is going it will be closed before @bob31 wakes up.


why sure it will @Smokin_ernie


the snow removal went well yesterday we got close to 2 feet it was just about to my knees. Now just wait for this deep freeze to pass.


i’ll go makes us a mid-night snack!
2’ of snow! :fire: better stay by the :fire:


Yum what you making


Lurking! Lol


i knew you would not miss this!


You are going to see it to the end. Almost there.


idk something envolving beacon!


and eggs,maybe some white gravy,biskuts!


That is a smart choice first thing comes to mind is bacon wrapped jalapeño filled with cream cheese. Smoked for a couple hours and mmm good.


Now you are talking


out of likes at 0100 geez!