Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Aka …, cold as shite


More on the Sessions memo.


Same here, I ran out of gas and called it quits for tonight.


I can’t grow all year round at the moment, too cold. My two ladies died…lack of attention on my part and the winter is too extreme and without a consistent environment it was doomed to fail…I needed a break anyways.

Happy New Year all, have hundreds of posts to go thru to caTch up.
I have to describe my failures on my journal so there’s that lol ugh :expressionless: and ontop i had to embrace the underground system because geographically where I chose to live dictates my quality of internet and right to do what I want to do with the little time I am on this planet.


@DoomSack you aren’t alone. There are a number of us that aren’t growing right now. Too bad about the two you had going. … but the days are already getting longer.

@BobWags @Screwauger @ntmaremach and everyone else out playing in the snow. Ain’t this fun. The wind is absolutely howling. Nothing better that snow coming out of the shute doing a 180 and hitting you in the face.

I’m done for tonight. I didn’t bother cleaning off the vehicles or doing the front walk but my shoulders elbows and hands are screaming. Tomorrow is another day even if it is going to be like 10 at day break and get colder from there.


this log is 18’’ across the top with knot in the fire place…
it was about 1/8 of the whole block… virgin timber!
we had a newer 35 ton log splitter and it was all it could do to split it…


Oh I was getting so pissed at that happening @bob31

Step daughter works at hospital and got out at 7 so had to clear a spot (she went home anyway). Wind has really picked up not that the snow let up. Fun stuff…user84561_pic9401_1302014229_thumb


A good sativa will do that every time to me ! !


You wouldn’t know I had a fire going this morning in the fire pit. I’ve been known to have a roaring fire going during a storm smoking a pipe.

No actual snowman was harmed in the taking of this photo.

I do snow blow most of the yard for my fires and room for the dogs to run around and do their thing.


Schools closed tomorrow. Lucky kids lol.


I am with you on this one cause it makes all the people out in the world bearable. My poor husband can’t leave the house stoned cause he gets paranoid.


Hope you get relief soon.


That sucks about your husband. I got paranoid in the early days. I’m pretty sure that feeling went away when I stopped smoking it recreationally and started smoking for severe depression relief. Now I’m back to using it for recreational and it doubles at keeping my depression at bay. I’m also a more functional pothead now then I used to be.


Agree 100% my kids are off school also and we are not supposed to get snow until Sunday night. But we are only getting around 3 inches. So a dusting compared to what all you guys got. We I have been up for 23 hrs now it is bed time


getting closer bob! 25 more!


@Myfriendis410 congratulations!


^ this right here got us callout policy. Phone rings you’re expected to answer, but start the clock on double time the minute it rings lol. I formerly had same policy. Now, they can call whenever and I’m fairly content to answer.


Good morning people.


nice @M4ur, seaworthy?


What? It’s to early :joy:, I just open my eyes :eyes: