Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Now I can’t get the song out of my head! Haha @BobWags one of the reasons I moved out of the city. Couldn’t take the lack of parking, tickets, getting plowed in. I hated it. Made me crazier…

The wind is absolutely howling right now. I don’t have any place to go tomorrow so I might let this one ride till tomorrow if the winds don’t die down. Gotta check the weather


Looks like this should wind down snow-wise by 8pm? Sounds like a train is outside my house right now with the wind.


There is a word for this in English, know what it is? Merde!


Check out the barometric pressure here.
28.97 in
That is as low as I’ve ever seen on this weather station. This was at 30.20 yesterday.


Gotta give you snow bound folks credit, you’re one bunch of tough m.f.ers! And you take it all in stride…must be the weed. Hopefully you’ll have incredible, endless fields of beautiful wild flowers splashed with Mother’s pallette in the Spring. But for now… seems She’s pretty pissed! A train blew off the tracks in Switzerland.


Guess I only got 10" so far

“Only” lol


Ditto. Hard to measure but 11" easily.


Hey Garden Friends… Hope ya’ll are all warm and outta the weather.
Here’s a little something for all my “snow” Friends

Please stay safe! :sunglasses::v::laughing:


I just lold driving



Oh no no no. If we were all high we wouldn’t even go outside to dig out. We’d just put it off until tomorrow and then tomorrow and then tomorrow… :smiley:


If that were Mrs Tylan I’d say you’re 100000% right lol @BobWags . I for some reason want to do EVERYTHING when stoned. It’s my motivation drug lol.


At least a foot here but I’m thinking more like 14" or so. I’ll be able to get a better look tomorrow when it’s light out. It looks like this thread will reach it’s limit shortly. Looking forward to seeing the new one @bob31


Real tough to tell with the blowing snow I would say at least a foot. Going to drop in temp after midnight and everything should freeze nicely. Be heading out shortly to start the cleanup

The new garden has been started but got to finish this one out.


Morning/afternoon garden dwellers, sorry haven’t been around much ,been dealing with lots of pain, so for a quick catch up , HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL, plants are doing well , the auto has me baffled, one day I take pics , there cloudy, two days later , their clear again,only seen one or two amber , so couple more weeks I think, how’s everyone dealing with the snow , I read a few of you have had big falls, hope all are warm and safe.

Happy Growing.


Be careful walking tomorrow @BobWags especially since the roads will still be snowy and sidewalks inaccessible. I feel your pain (or rather my husband does) last year he almost pulled a plow driver from his truck and beat the crap out of him because he kept purposely angling his plow blade into our driveway causing a huge windrow. My husband would clear it, and he would come back and do it again - thankfully he thought better of it. Both my kids are in Boston. One is in southy and the other in East Boston. It will be interesting to hear their stories.


Sorry to hear that @Coltfire Sending healing thoughts and hope you have enough meds to get you through.


Hoping you can get that pain under control @Coltfire :cry: Glad your plants are doing well Take care all of you Nor Easterners!! :green_heart: :seedling:



I may have even talked to your son tonight, who knows? It definitely sucks. Tomorrow at 4 a.m. it’s going to be murder. I can’t believe my company doesn’t let us come in later. Some of us have to take a bus since the trains are not running that early.


It was so cold shoveling just now that the sole of my boots separated almost entirely sticking only to the toe. These were the boots I used to ride the motorcycle so I guess a new pair are in order for spring. Thank God the snow has stopped falling. Spring is only some four months away I keep telling myself. Now I’m dealing with joints that are screaming at me. No, not marijuana joints. Fingers and toes and ankles and knees.


Just snow blew 15 inches easily! Snow has let up but the wind is howling. Good belt of winter for sure.