Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


7 inches of snow.

28 degrees and 76% Rh.

How’s the numbers for you guys in the NE?


There still may be hope !


Drift across the driveway already. Only been snowing for a couple of hours.

22° 95%RH 14MPH wind


I have to say that I do not miss THAT much winter weather ! Hope you are all safe and warm.


I’m looking at about 9 inches on the ground, 27° and 99% RH. Winds gusting to 28mph. GF is home her office closed at noon. Watching the local news feed and drinking hot black coffee. @bob31 Thanks!!


Sounds about like it is here:

I work from home unless I am traveling so no relief for me. :frowning:


hold sessions accountable!


nice buck @Bogleg


Thanks! That’s a MN public land deer from a few years ago.


34.6 degrees here and about 9 inches already. We almost had a plow get stuck in front of the house which is never a good sign. Noon news showed wind gusts of 50 mph at Quonset Point which is about 11 miles away. Flags on houses are whipping like crazy.


@Bogleg I just had a message from USPS saying they couldnt deliver a package due to “no access” I guess the snow was too deep!

Nothing that can’t wait till Fri or Saturday


I have an arduino kit that’s supposed to be delivered today with the calmag. Would be a nice thing to have on hand and play with during the snow storm. Oh well. I’ll just have to play with it on Friday. I am going to try and figure out how to make my own temperature and humidity sensors.


I think the ice storm we had before Christmas culled the “easy to down” dead wood and branches in the woods around the house - so far the wind hasn’t knocked anything down that I can see. Much windier where you are though.


@AnneBonny goodness!

I was just outside shoveling a few paths for the dogs. At least the snow is light and easy to move which also means the winds are going to have at it pretty good!

@BIGE @TxGrowman I’m not sure what sessions is up to but I say we watch him like a hawk. And his stance goes against the election platform.

No politics here I just say keep our eyes and ears open though I gotta tell you I am stealth today and I’m stealth tomorrow!


meetoo @bob31 i’m not into padding the goverments/politicians pocket any more than need be!
if they thought you are not paying your share in to them[buying from dispenceries] they will make you pay one way or the other …lol when and if they get it going here i’ll do like you bob just go when i want something different for a change… or to test what i might want to grow…i do not have the money to pay for my usage…lol i’m a pothead!



I would have loved to have seen him with the Mothers. I didn’t do any acid at that show but just the music itself makes you feel like you did. That’s the whole point of Zappa :slight_smile:



I just spent over an hour digging my car out because the plows put up mountains on the right side and the rear. In the picture it doesn’t look like much but I guarantee you it certainly is and this is just round one of digging out. (And when you get part of it dug out the plows come along and push it right back again as you’re standing there staring at them in exasperation)Probably two or three more dig outs before bed tonight.

Winter sure came on with a Vengeance, didn’t it? Wind gusts in my area have already been recorded over 50 mph. Unfortunately I’m up at 3 tomorrow morning and have to walk to a bus ay 430 and then walk from Haymarket over Beacon Hill down past the Gardens.



I don’t think we in Massachusetts have to worry much about it. For one thing I don’t think the state government is going to roll over and play dead for them. For another thing and probably more importantly is the feds have bigger fish to fry around here. Just because Whitey Bulger is put away doesn’t mean high priority crime has ended.

Anyway, I could use a little winter vacation in a federal pen. It would be like Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant. What are YOU in for? I had a cannabis plant growing in the corner of my living room. They would all pick up there dinner plates and move to another table.


That sucks! Digging through snowplow snow is the worst.


Gonna go out in a little bit and check but I’m sure I have 12+ already where I’m at in CT. Still snowing like crazy.