Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Outta likes, lol :wink:

Sounds great @Bogleg,

my fishing buddy with whom I will go ice fishing this week-end, is an accomplish hunter too, and he made his hunt this year…, He has is quotas of deers and wild turkeys…

He too made crazy good sausages, he promise to take a few with him for this week-end :wink:

Can’t wait… lol :wink: :innocent:


I see that @BIGE :+1::v::grin:


Wow, another Toughts from the Morning Garden is near over, rewow. …

It’s gone a be the third one bob!!! WooHoo and big Hurray for @bob31 to have start that wonderful topic…

Thanks Bob !


What are the chances my cal/mag (which is out for delivery, supposedly), actually gets delivered today?

It’s coming via UPS.


good mornin’ garden. Hope everyone is doing good…


Yes and I do not dispute that in anyway, @BobWags…, I even endorse that.

Since english is not my first language and since I nearly lost a good friend here by enter in a politic disagreement discussion, I will pass on going further on the subject with you, please :pray::innocent:


Oh @Niala I was not disputing or disagreeing with what you said in anyway. I was just taking the easy way out :grin:


Good morning Ron :grinning:, how every thing going :grinning:


Great News here. My honey made it home safely from work about 30 minutes ago.


That is a good news @Willd… Glad everything is going well.


Lol @BobWags , I understand. … No wrong doing … Every thing is fine :grinning:


Feeling a bit better today thank @SmoknGranny. Got the Christmas decorations down at least which pretty much exhausted me. So, it’s nap time with the chihuahuas now (if they will let me under the blanket that is).


Good news @Willd , have you had concern because of the meteo ?

And by the way, How are you buddy ? Did you made some music lately?


Hi Alain
Yes the storm is causing difficult travel.

I’m doing ok. Some weird nerve/neck issues that come and go from pulling some muscles in my shoulder a couple of weeks ago but nothing serious. I need to rest and spend less time at the computer

Here’s the latest tune I composed under the influence.


Thanks William for sharing…

Hope Mrs. Willd is gone a be safe , when you expect here to be back from work ?


she is home now. thanks


Isn’t it funny how such little dogs can take up so much space :rofl:


Hey! Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention at UCSB Robertson s Gym in 1975! Dropped a hit of purple micro dot haha!


No surprise I am outta likes… @Willd

Good !

I have to go at the grocery store now, before it’s to heavy snowing, I go on foot, so it should be safe :wink:

See ya !


be well brother.