Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Hope you’re feeling better today :grinning:


Good morning everyone!!! Hope everyone stays safe and warm! :hugs:


Buds in my Belfry. @BIGE


It was only a matter of time.


Im never going to stop growing i dont care what they say or do @BobWags
But that is disturbing since its obvious that the people-want legal MJ and they dont seem to care ?


I would just post up a qualifier that anything, and I mean anything, that NBC can do to turn the masses against this administration will, is and has been done. I take this with a grain of salt or at best, “trust but verify.” @BobWags @Countryboyjvd1971


Good point on NBC @Screwauger or fir that matter most of the larger media corporations


It automatically turns the younger folks and many many many of the older generations against Trump via sessions. I would bet half a weeks pay without even looking, that it is BS.

This is in no way an attempt to start a political conversation nor is it an endorsement of one party or another.


Agreed As stated I really dont care im im a not legal state and I’ll continue to do what i want in my house !
@Screwauger and im not lolking to get all political either lol


I just received my buds Penelope strain for my medication… @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @BobWags

It’s gone a be hard to not take a sample since I have another 10 days to stay dry, lol, :wink: :roll_eyes: :flushed: :weary: :wink:, lol… question of changing subject :wink:, politics can made poeple temper go off when critisisim appear, lol… :wink:


Thats such a tease brother but im glad you have the medicine you need when the time comes WooHoo @Niala


I grew up in MN. With a good tent, a bottle of blackberry brandy and a stick of venison summer sausage it is an enjoyable way to spend the day. Even better if football is on the radio.


Is it deer sausages @Bogleg ?


Yes it is! Ambrosia, is what it is. :smiley:



Publicly I don’t take sides. I have my own opinions however people have the right to endorse whoever they choose in politics, in religion, and in love. It’s not up to me to slap them on their backs in agreement or try to change their minds if I do disagree. That’s why I like Buddhists so much. They, for the most part, just go about their business.

I say take a small sample of your Harvest. You’re not going to miss it :slight_smile:


Aaarrgghh, mouth drooling, lol :wink: Ambrosia style deer sausages… Miam Miam @Bogleg

Do you home made them ?


I haven’t made summer sausage yet, but I do make my own breakfast sausages, bratwurst, hot dogs, etc. I don’t have a high quality meat grinder yet, so it’s a laborious process… but well worth it (kind of like growing).

Unfortunately I didn’t spend much time in the woods this year so I don’t have a full freezer. I’ll have to spend some extra time in the woods next year.



Blackberry Brandy? Don’t even mention it! In 1980 I went to see Frank Zappa with Steve Vai on guitar at the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley California. I and a bunch of friends were in the back of a pickup truck going across the Richmond bridge and I finished a pint of blackberry Brandy, smoked weed, and tried doing coke for the first time on a urinal in the men’s room with 50 guys behind me laughing like hell because I couldn’t quite get it right.

Long story short (or is it too late?), between the music, the flashing colored lights, and my previous intake my head started spinning and I had to take a walk which resulted in me with my head in the toilet in the men’s room. Never touched Blackberry Brandy again.


Just read that Jeff Sessions is going to recriminalize cannabis in the whole US…is that for real???


100 more @bob31