Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


I believe in learning from others! hahaha


I have a dual head one like that bob that kick arse but the tanks get heavy if you moving them any distance
The sled would definitely help
I had a friend who had a sled similar to that but it popped up to a shelter as well very cool fit three men inside with no problem


have two for deer camp lol one in the camper,one in my stand! lol


Something like this John?

pretty sweet just for one person though. The three man tent would be pretty roomy!


Indeed. I sat in something similar at Cabelas few weeks back, pretty slick.


Yes sir bobby that looks like a winner lol
Yeah his was big he pulled it behind a snowmobile


It’s licence free in Québec for ice fishing this year, a project pilot, woohoo :raised_hands: :rofl: :wink:

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @BIGE


Starting the storm at the 5 inch mark. Lets see how close the doomsday predictions are! hahaha


Interesting. that they would do that!


really! 25$ reg. fishing lic, 50$ for commercial licc here @Niala


I think it’s an attempt to ease the ice fisherman since the goverment pass a new law this spring that forbiden all live little fish (call “méné” I don’t know the english word for it, :wink:) and to try to give a push to have newbies… lol :wink: @bob31 @BIGE

Méné it’s baitfish or minnows in english and they are not allow in Québec, dead or alive… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :slightly_frowning_face: @BIGE and the permit for a year is 30,58 +tx for under 65 (17,45 for 65+) resident. It’s 78,77 +tx for non-resident.

Non-resident can also choose for a 7 days permit (47,46+tx), 3 days permit (31,56+tx) and 1 day permit (18,38+tx)…

So it’s only from 31 December 2017 to the 31 March 2018 that it’s gone a be allowed to ice fishing without permit in Québec in the existing possession and some length regulations for some species (walleye for example) limits.


Good morning gang!
Raining at work so far south of Boston.
Roads weren’t bad driving into work.
Stay safe & warm everyone!


minnows around here @Niala


For New Englanders:

Morning update: Models have trended further west overnight and we can now expect the the higher side of totals for many here (central/western Maine) as well as Most of the coastal counties are under a Blizzard Warning for 50 mph winds and considerable blowing and drifting, Look for the heaviest snow to fall from 11-7 pm in the south and until midnight up north, Buckle up, And enjoy the storm…gade


Lol @BIGE :sweat_smile:, I just made an edit update on the other reply and mention that, lol :wink: :innocent:


i fished south of new orleans for a few months when i was working on the levys after hurricane katrina…lol


Morning garden! Snowing and very windy her in RI. Visibility is at a minimum. Pellet stove is cranking and I have my cough medicine. Generator is prepped as a precaution but thankfully we don’t lose power often. Hoping to have some energy to take down Christmas decorations since the office is closed. Be safe everyone.~AB


out of likes be safe and stay warm @AnneBonny


meeting a guy today to view his collection of coo-coo clocks, this should be interesting the man has a few.
i’ll give a picker update later with pics!


Thanks CB. Sorry for your loss also. Yea, it is hard to loose a loved one. I have been expecting it for a while. Mom had a really bad accident several months ago and at 89 ya, just do not recover easily. I got back from the east coast just in time. The weather there was colder than I have seen in a while. Hope you are safe with all that snow and cold.


@Screwauger You think I should save up for one? I’m not fond about hooking up cables and really don’t want to have to ask for help again.