Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


I have a similar starter pack and imo everyone should keep one on hand @Screwauger
The snow is coming @bob31 we have a couple inches already in NYC my friend


I see a hood up I go ask if they need a jump. They start fishing for cables and I’m saying, “turn the key.” lol


You know that is really a great idea. @Screwauger

I have a pair of heavy duty jumper cables in the truck and I have carried cables since I got my drivers license.

I also have AAA premier, but my experiences have all been good. The company that does the service calls here locally is very reliable out of Waltham MA.

@willd @Tylan @Countryboyjvd1971 @Smokin_ernie




temp. ressentie -3°F

Max. 18°F / Min. 0°F

Indice UV 0 de 10



temp. ressentie -17°C

Max. -7°C / Min. -18°C

Indice UV 0 de 10

MAINTENANTVentNNE 5 km/hHumidité83%Pt. de rosée-16°Pression1014.6 mb Visibilité16.1 km

MAINTENANTVentNNE 6 mphHumidité81%Pt. de rosée3°Pression29.96 in Visibilité10.0 mi

Vent et neige. Maximale : 18F. Vents N soufflant de 5 à 10 mph, passant de 20 à 30 mph. Risque de neige 90 %. 3-5 po de neige. Les vents peuvent entraîner des rafales dépassant les 40 mph.

Good morning garden :grinning:, it’s gone a be a little 3 to 5 inch of snow today for me… Not quit that much snow :wink::snowflake::wink:

Have a great day @BIGE @Willd @kabongster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Tylan @ntmaremach @Smokin_ernie @jmlove123 and all the others :grinning:

I’m going ice fishing this week-end with my fishing buddy on the Magog river… He is equip with an ice fishing tent with a heather, so we won’t be freezing, lol. :wink:

He caught a 10 lbs northern pike last week-end… Can’t wait to be on the ice, my feet and fingers are tickling and pounding, lol. :wink::grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Northern Pike has come so far. Growing up they were a nuisance fish. We caught them and threw them back. I still remember my gramps telling me they were terrible to clean and eat.

Nowadays, very pleased to land a few good pike any day!! Best of luck and stay warm @Niala


Good morning @Niala
Enjoy the ice fishing trip thats the way to go with a shelter and heater woohoo
@bob31 my thoughts on the starter pack is why wait for someone and with jumper cables which i also keep tou need ro find another vehicle?
i aslo have aaa mostly incase the wife breaks down and im not around to scoop her up


Just started snowing here. And with a vengeance!

I have never had northern pike. I usually catch pickerel here locally in the winter and I just send them back. I have ice fished in Maine on several occasions. I can’t remember the one lake, but there were hundreds of folks out fishing. It was 30 or so miles SW of Portland if I remember correctly.

I’m itching to get out there again. I always forget to renew my fishing license until the last minute so this is a reminder to all of us!


I have that one @Screwauger posted in my cart! You all convinced me! I’m mister “be prepared” so I think I need to add one to my arsenal!

Morning Al. The SE coast of the US is gonna get hammered today. I’d rather get your 3-5!


Well played bob hahaha


Wouldn’t a larger grow tent make a quick ice house? Just have to open up the floor some…

Snow storm dreaming!

The mechanic at work used one too. Just makes good sense! I like that you can put ai in the tires too! win / win!


hey pal! good luck on your trip!
heather sounds warm!
give em a good pounding AL!!


You will love it. @bob31 My first one was a basic battery jumper and emergency light. Prestone made it and I am fairly sure I bought it at the Sear’s that is no longer here.

I missed that one when she died but it lasted 10 yrs.
This one has been very useful except for the time I took it to sled camp and my girlfriend called to ask, “where is the car jumper?” Umm why? The SUV won’t start. uhoh!!!


good thing to have around @bob31




very easy straight forward life saver!! lol
i keep a die-hard brand model
had it for 5 yrs still strong!
meowy j’s really?


Hahahah @Screwaugerthats too funny
And sounds like my luck as well i like the poer feature on them you can charge tou phone or laptop etc mine has a 110 v outlet as well


i seen this very add and was thinking???


I use this for tailgating

I can’t find the exact one I bought but this is similar. I also use it at the grill to keep me warm when I have to grill outside in the winter! Would work great out on the ice, but the tank is heavy!

I use this to haul my stuff out on the ice!


I am an open book.

The day I got mine was the day after this happened:

I worked in southern Maine. I was a roving case worker looking after some barbaric dudes that could likely have been classified as missing link(s). I one day pulled up to an ocean shoreline parking area, took a call, ate my lunch and promptly dosed off listening to some jazz on the radio. (*edit ok I smoked a bowl)I was driving a 94’ escort wagon that had been beat to heck. I woke up, not a sole around, no music and nothing but click click click under the hood. After about 3 hours, I managed to flag someone down that had cables, I did not.

Never have I left home without it (unless riding with others).


Yeah, my uncle despite them… It’s true that the Northern Pike can be a nuisance if they are intruduce in brook trout lake for example…

I think that’s why my uncle despite them so much… A couple of brook trout lake were invade in his younger years and it was a disaster…

Even if it’s true that they are a little tricky to clean and you can have a lot of lost, it’s a great fish to eat, one of my favorite for the taste, yumyum :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… With the lost and the carcasse, you can make and very delicious broth a “fumet”… Miam Miam :wink::smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Screwauger