Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


MrsWillD works at a hospital so they usually have some spare beds in private rooms in her unit for employees to use in a pinch.
As long as she is safe that’s all I care about
I do recall another time several of her coworkers booked a couple of suites at a nearby extended stay hotel. She’s not social like that and would rather risk life & limb to come home to me instead. Lol. Crazy woman!

There’s supposed to be some coastal flooding here as well due to the timing of the astronomical high tide.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 I got the email I have been waiting for! Payment received!! I was just nervous sending cash but it was a total of 7 business days. 2 holidays. So not bad at all. Getting some chocolope and blackberry kush.


My wife is a nurse as well. Yes as long as she is safe I fine with her getting a room. She said the hospital accommodation are awful. A cot in the cafeteria with a bunch of other people.


@Willd love the wood stove! So inviting.


I just heard a report that AAA northern New England is receiving as many as 800 calls per hour for roadside assistance due to the winter weather.

There are so many things wrong with that scenario. I don’t have anything positive to say about anyone who’s ill prepared to survive in the climate where they live. Don’t get me wrong, I carry AAA Premier & wouldn’t go without it. A 100+ mile tow pays for itself. I know in the burbs 100 mile tow is way overkill but up here it’s easy to wind up more than 100 miles from home on a day trip. I have a battery charger. It became a necessity when I purchased my first vintage diesel eurosedan. I use it on my Gravely tractors mostly. Harbor Freight sells a float charger for < $5.

We never had a battery charger when I was a kid that I recall. I also don’t recall either of my folk’s vehicles ever having a dead battery.
Our cars didn’t sit in the driveway unused for days on end. Both my parents commuted to work for a living to support their family.


AAA sucks for a lot of things, but like you I have a AAA Premier for the very reasons you do. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I’ve had to call them once a year for many years whether a bad battery (free replacement for me) or a tow. The membership fee pays for itself and then some for me.

When I called them last week to tow my wife’s Jeep because of her blown clutch it took them 3 hours to get to me. Luckily I had my other car there to stay warm. One time a couple of years ago it took them 5 hours to get to me. Called at 1AM they came at 6AM.

I still carry the card because as crappy as it is to wait I’m still saving money.


Work closed today. Glad I stayed home because they called at 6AM. I start work at 6AM. That would have sucked.

Have a safe and warm day! I’m going to try to stay on top of the shoveling snow as best as possible. Never did call a guy to plow my driveway this season. Oops.


Just started snowing where I’m at.


Woohoo @Smokin_ernie sounds great
Ive never used credit cards just cash no worries
Imo i might use a cc if i was placing a 500$ order but for small orders its my goto choice
Hope everyone is staying dry and warm foing ti be a whopper here in the north east
Im made it into work heading home should be interesting
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@Tylan good morning
I arrived at work today to find a email about coming in late due to storm and possibly closing the offices today wtf im out if they close early


Ugh, that sucks. They don’t have an automated call system in place? Most people come to my office at around 7-8 but there are about 5-6 of us that are usually in around 6. If it wasn’t for being down one car I probably would have been in the office when I get the call.


They sent a email last night but once o leave work i dont check my emails or touch work phone
So really shame on me but I figure if your not paying me im bot dealing with anything work related lol
Guess i should rethink that lol @Tylan
I may even be considered essentiall personel lol


I’m the same way. I leave work I don’t look at my email unless I’m on call. I don’t get paid for it so why should I.


My thoughts exactly lol my friend


I’m fresh back from the supermarket. Got some awesome looking rare roast beef, some horseradish and a big pkg of rolls…oh and swiss rolls and symphony chocolate bar (toffee and almonds). Let. It. Snow!!!

Did I mention the Green Crack should come with a warning to chain up the fridge door?


Good Morning Garden, It’s snowing here and while watching the weather on TV it made me think of weather forecasters of yesterday when they had to pull down these maps or pieces of cardboard that would show the weather patterns.



Colorforms weather maps!!!


good snowy morning garden growers…stay home and stay safe for those that can…getting into work may be the easy part, getting home is another, a half hour ride in can turn into hours at the back end…and it’s not always your fault, stuff happens on the road, watch the other drivers…

as for orders through ILGM, it is the holiday season, lots of people involved may have vacation days and we see how weather can slow things down…watchful patience is called for.


How many gallons of milk did you buy?


Good morning garden! I had my gold leaf yesterday. Today it’s blueberry and maybe ak47 later on.

Glad to hear @Smokin_ernie that’s good stuff. Hopefully you will have your beans in a couple weeks!

No snow here yet.

23 degrees and 58% Rh.

The Mrs and I are in for the duration.

Before I retired I got 8 hours of time owed per month to check my emails. I could work from home though so on a day like this I wouldn’t bother.

The coffee hot and the Sammy was pretty delicious.

The pup and I are keeping the woodstove stoked and staying warm.


I used to drive junker auto’s. Especially after my divorce, anything I could get my hands on. One day while looking at a used car on a small lot, the salesman came out with this battery pack jumper thingy. He hooked it to the battery and zoom.

I have never been without one since that day! I have provided dozens and dozens of jumps to others and to family members. So easy, no muss no fuss.

Of course I have standard chargers and other equipment but this little bueaty goes everywhere with me. Charge cell phones, emergency light, air compressor