Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


I am stoked, for sure!!



we broke the frozen streak today 39f ,maybe lower 40’s tomorrow…
please take care NE peeps!


We have had plenty of notice, so all should be fine up here NW of Boston! I wish I had more time, almost went ice fishing today! Maybe this weekend!



ayep! lol @Capt_Seeweed


i’ve really been itching to go fishing @bob31
never actually fished through ice before…lol
but i use fish callers so it would not matter much…lol


Ive only ice fished a couple of times. It’s not bad as long as it’s sunny and it isn’t windy. The last time I went there was a VFW down the street. Went in for lunch and a few beers and said the heck with fishing! ha oh well

I don’t do the fancy ice houses and all that. More like a folding chair and a thermos of hot coffee!


@bob31 @BIGE oh what I wouldn’t do to get on the ice. Love it! Was going to go this weekend but it is going to be more then cold. This year is got some good ice unlike last couple years.


If you’ve never smelt fished through the ice, it’s a bucket list thing. They supply wood for the stove, the hut, the holes in the ice and the bait. You fish, drink and eat. Blast.


sounds great!


@Screwauger great picture,i’m sort of looking for something like that i think, :slight_smile: have been questioning my exsistence an a bit lost but these sort of pics an all the great music are great,tks for sharing :slight_smile: was talking about the snow covered trees pic…:


Good morning people! Not a great day here but is not freezing so that is ok…
OMG @aussie123556 don’t tell me you start reading this thread from top :joy:
@bob31 where is the name for next thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


I made canna cookies tonight with canna flour I made the other night :sunglasses: They are delicious and seem fairly potent… had one a half hour ago and feel a calming peace within :v:

I used a recipe from my aunt’s box called Sandies. It called for 2 cups of flour so I used one plain and one canna flour (which is decarbed trim blended with flour at a 50/50 ratio)


Good morning everyone. It is still freezing lol but I think I have a flower starting hope everyone has a great day .


good morning garden!!


All Maine State Offices closed 1/4/18

Thanks Gov.

Bongs all around…

10° here and not a flake as of yet. Yard is picked up, blowers is fueled up and fingers are crossed for No Power Outages. Hunker down @Willd you’re going to get it worse than us inlanders!!

Stay safe @Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Covertgrower @bonnie1 @North_East_Newbie @Smokin_ernie @BIGE @WillyJ


stay safe @Screwauger nice buds there to keep you busy!! lol
old man frost is peed off for some reason!


Nah, he’s just paying me back for sticking up for him. Thanks @BIGE


Stay warm and safe yourself @Screwauger and good morning. Waiting for the blizzard to begin still no snow flakes yet.

I am non essential or non emergency worker. I probably have no problem to get to work but it is the getting home is going to be the crappy part. Which I really don’t want to deal with. Still got a couple hours before I need to be there.

@bob31 the next thoughts from the morning garden… is going to be? I like chapter 3 it will be easy going forward chapter 4 and so on. Just my 2 cents.

Stay safe and warm today and good morning! @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Capt_Seeweed @SmoknGranny @70sChick @North_East_Newbie
And the rest of garden


Nose hits of Gold Leaf to kick it all off.

MrsWillD packed a change of clothes & winter emergency kit before heading off to work. She’s going to try to get an early end of shift and get home before it gets bad. I tried like heck to convince her to just stay home today.

Hundreds of closures being announced on the news.


I am having a gold leaf kind of morning as well. My wife got a hotel for the day (works night shift) otherwise she would have to drive home and back to work in storm.