Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Mehbe y’shid jes gitta hose. Hose don’t start, jes shoot’m dayd, hose need no battereye…don’t ask where that came from, maybe the ghost of a distant relative speaking through me.


TOO long!:persevere:


Miss my horses and yes they needed no batteries :rofl:. Thanks to your spirit talker :hugs:.


I feel a ghost from an Eastern European shtetl is trying to contact me…F’get da hose, now a sheep…vays meer…


@Tylan i know it is crazy. The time goes so fast.


Good evening on the eve of the “bomb cyclone” as the weather people have claimed the snow storm a coming. It is kind of crazy how the weather people pump the story to make some people worry it is going to be the end that ends all ends. @bob31 @Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd @Patsbasement @North_East_Newbie got your bread and milk? I am just hoping that I don’t have to go to work which as of right now I have to go in.


@smokin_ernie we are not supposed to get much but my kids schools have already been put on a 2 hr delay for tomorrow. Lol


Yay they seem to close schools pretty quick these days or delay them. They are predicting 70 mph gust and white out conditions. Just a normal blizzard for the New England area.


They named this winter storm after my little Grayson. Let’s hope the storm is as cute and fluffy as him and not as bad as they say in some areas. Stay safe tomorrow!


Yay they are saying the coast is going to get hammered . Higher tides then normal is what they are calling for.


Most if not all of CT schools are closed tomorrow. My job even sent an email they might close.


I kind of hoping I don’t have to go in. So maybe it will start early and not have to go.


You are lucky lol my work never closes for weather. Plus we are only closed on thanksgiving and Christmas that is all.


My job rarely closes @jmlove123 @Smokin_ernie. I think twice in the last 5 years. I was actually surprised by their email. I’m going to work from home tomorrow anyway since we’re down a car due to clutch issues but would be nice to not have to bother even logging in :wink:


Crossing my fingers for you @Tylan


Unfortunately, its a true story. I also have been at it since the 70’s.There is a lot of info on the link posted above. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS I can tell you It occurred after I started growing my own. The potency of my grow (with the help of this forum :smile:) Is the best I had ever had. After about 2 years of a greatly increased usage, many times a day, It hit me. I have a great supply. Not buying it off the street, and it is always there for me, hence the increase in usage. Now I have to really watch it. A few times a week or it creeps back in. It definitely does not effect everyone. I have a friend who smokes the same stuff even more frequently and he’s really high and happy. The point here is if you are one of the few, hopefully what is here in the forum will help you identify it and work with it. I firmly believe for me it is the high potency of good weed that triggered it. As the link indicates, a few of the best on the forum are aware of it. Make no mistake it is real. Not a heart attack. No pain, just a whole lot of puking and nausea for days.



Now that’s a cute dog @Tylan


We are prepared here south of Boston.
Our house is located in the middle of the 12-18" zone
Work will be open tomorrow, so it’s of to the office in the morning. Have the snow blower gassed up & facing out of the garage. Generator is ready to for up, if needed. Plus we have bread and milk!
Bring on this storm!!!


I absolutely refuse to buy bread or milk! lol.

I’m ready as I can be. Sorry to hear that any of you guys have to work tomorrow. Stay safe if you do! I will be here manning the forum! ( weak attempt at humor! )

Looks like @Screwauger @Willd will be getting quite a bit of snow up their way!


Lookin’ like an old nor’ easter with rain snow mix…same old same old…lol