Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Very warm and dry here in SE AK… 50° both yesterday and this morning! The ground is dry… it’s weird :upside_down_face:

This was yesterday morning as I arrived at work


way to gooder,gooder @bob31
it kinda reached out to me,then slapped my ol’brain around a bit!
gets the tourettes syndrome going!


Thats awesome! @BIGE


dr-house-wallpaper-6 That’s not a power hitter, what he has is opticaluus itchytendrom. That’s not smoke, it’s plasticus, the Latin name for plastic. It’s a plastic hand, not unlike a back scratcher, except this one scratches the back of @Willd’s eye! Give him a double dose of THC with a hashius supplement.


Thanks Doc!


The only reason you thank me is that I used the treatment on myself and it worked…I think?



Listening to Sugar Magnolia right now. The cat know you dropped him?


Almost evening here so it’s still good afternoon to all. With some pet pictures coming out it made me go through some older photos. Here a couple of Major and Rocket, they are no longer here physically but live in our memories.

Here’s another day.

Here’s where Major and Rocket are now never to be forgotten.

Now Major was getting older so we got him a friend named Ruger. I believe getting this pup added a couple years to Major as he was 13 when he passed.

He also taught him all about Wabbits.

Major was such a good teacher that Ruger wanted to be just like him.

My cat Sofia needs to be seen also. This is a rescue cat that was four years old and is now about 14. She my cat and is always making me laugh.


Here’s our big guy. Tough guy! lol


Zoom, right over me head @bob31

I’m going with “no.” :sweat_smile::wink::cat:


The avatar change from the cat to the cool cat! @Screwauger


@ntmaremach Guardians of the Guns! @Major @Ruger RIP


Just updated my clone page if any one is interested…


Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories :hugs:


LMAO now I get it, hahahahaha. She’ll get over it, she is a beotch! @bob31


Well I know how they can be is all! lol. @Screwauger


I should say “can be” as she can also be a lovey! @bob31

She may have to look like this again due to matted fur


@Screwauger I love it. Our cats a little rug glider with short legs. Your cat would be huge next to mine but they do look alike and the hair gets very long and can get matted.



Evening garden. Totally wish it was Friday as this has been a long week. I had continuing education today for half the day…on ethics of all topics :sleeping: so wasn’t able to stop in.

My new toy arrived today. I got one of those microscope things to check trichomes. @bob31 @daz49 I think it’s the one you have. I thought this took pictures or let me take pictures I should say. I downloaded the software for my MAC that they said - I needed something called VLC Media Player. It’s pretty cool, a little touchy and will take getting used to but it will only let me do video. I can’t just take a picture. I’m thinking its a MAC thing because the screen in the pamphlet that came with it looks different and shows a camera. @Willd are you or another Mac user familiar with that? I’m not an IT expert but can usually figure things out eventually but this has me stumped. I’m thinking there may be some add on or something. Or I could be completely misinformed and it doesn’t take pictures.

I’m gonna pack it up for tonight before I mess with it too much and screw it up since I’m needing to hit delete to much as I type this and can feel my cup of infused honey tea kicking in.

Have a good night all ~AB