Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Good luck hope all turns out @Onlythebest79


sniff sniff “is that Fifi?”


Best of luck OTB
No harm getting the plumbing checked.


@Laurap Mixxy


Love the big boy!


Doesnt look too happy to have pic taken. Heres my fat bastxxd

poor baby, thats his name


Love this pic224da3167882ea095989a5ec7db0b12a


Good morning Garden Friends. I’m lovin the fur baby pictures… But those cats look a little Angry… lol. Rain,sleet and snow flurries here in the South… Ya’ll know what that means…

Hope everyone has a great day!


Good morning all busy day for me some im just stopping in lol
Have a great Thursday all :+1: :v:️CB


Hey man, Fifi’s in heat, man!


Hey @daz49, are you guys getting terrible storms? We sure are! Keep them on your island, please.:wink:




Yep, that’s the one!


That’s Labrador you’re smokin’ there man!


I’m with you “love them all”! :heart:️:hugs:


Ain’t that the truth :joy:. It’s been over 30 years and I still remember the “panic” when all airports & highways were closed above and including Tampa Florida due to snow :snowflake:


Morning all. Depression pretty much pulls me away to things far away from the forum. Weather and such just triggers it. Geez I completely forgot about updating or pictures. Lol it’s such a chore after you’ve tasted high speed internet and you try to and your depressed. It can’t rain all the time.

this teddy bear doesn’t even care it’s 39 degrees, it’s always time for swimming!


maybe working a little too gooder @BIGE


We can do that standing on our heads doing nose hits @Willd


Morning Boo! Good to see ya