Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Baahaaa… @bob31 That’s awesome!


i do not have a dog to blame anymore…lol




That’s a hard place to get access and tags, unfortunately. My friend who just retired is hunting outside Goodland.


Here’s one for ya @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @DieHigh55 @Hogmaster


That’s tremendous! Glad we don’t have a tree.


good morning all!
stoking the :fire: this morning :thinking:
GG is providing the relief ,i think i’ll go fold some dishes, some dishes now!
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Thoughtful Thursday
No tags.
Today’s nose hit brought to the group thanks to Amnesia Haze

< 2000 posts remaining to close this topic out! I bet it happens before the new year!


Good morning @BIGE @Willd slow start to the morning.


Morning Gents and Ladies!!
That’s all I’ve got.


Morning all. Thoughtful Thursday is perfect for Remembrance Day :us:

Have a great Thursday my friends.


Good morning world…wood stove is just starting to get going…house was a bit chilly this AM… but only 38’ here on the cape. Trimmed all my buds yesterday and making canna-oil over night. Take care everyone…happy growing!!!


@BIGE Is it ever to early for a bowl? smiley-smoking-bong


NO, it’s never to early for a bowl but you can be late.


Yesterday temp82° High today 46° & monday back to 76°. Crazy temps!
Morning yall!





Above are my canine children. It would take three pages to include my 7 cats, Bill biggest asshole donkey Ever, and various farm babies. Love them all!



Gm to all and well there will be no wake and bake this morning. As I have out patient surgery today to check bladders and kidneys. But as soon as I’m done one will be in the car waiting for me. This is nothing major just a routine checkup to make sure there are no problems.


@ntmaremach answered that question just right @Sasquatch…lol