Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Well dang @Covertgrower. Hope you’re luck changes for tge better soon… :heart::sunglasses::v:


At least it wasn’t me in the boat! And it’s not my bill. @70sChick


He hasn’t left the house in years, blind in one eye :eye: and no longer has a drivers license. The truck needs tires and battery with 320,000 miles on it. You come get it and it’s yours :grimacing:


@Covertgrower that’s good… I’m all outta :heart:s for a bit…


That’s right, I remember now. He never leaves the house. Anything 320K on must be a diesel am I right @SmoknGranny ?? I could make that work in the boat… I think. Haha.


@70sChick a lot of us have no more likes for some random large amount of hours. That just means you have to go around and comment on everything instead. Lol!


Nope. 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 maintained :grimacing:


I’ve seen those drive for a long time. I wished I had bought one back in the day. I almost purchased a 2001 GMC Sierra blue extended cab. I bought a car instead. Lol @SmoknGranny


Uh … Blue extended cab 4 wheel drive with blue topper :joy:


Yeah that’s the one! With out the topper… you must have added it after I test drove it! Lol too funny. @SmoknGranny


That’s what I thought :joy:


good thing there’s no limit on comments… baahaaa


yeah no kidding. I’m sure it is just something foolish! @70sChick @SmoknGranny

PS Pickup truck owner/ driver before it was fashionable!

Trouble with many of the old trucks is that the rust did them in before anything else. I had a Silverado 1500 that the brake lines just completely rusted out and the frame at the front suspension had a hold big enough for my fist to go through!

1982 Chevy Luv
1986 Ford Ranger 2 seater long bed
1992 Ford 150 2wd Extended Cab Long Bed
2001 Chev Silverado 4x4 Extended Cab 1500 Long Bed.
2006 Tacoma 4 door Short Bed 4x4

All have had toppers/ Caps on them except the Chevy Luv.


Interesting @bob31 I currently drive a 93’ F-150. 4X4 but I have to fix the hubs. I bought this truck for cheap! Only has 132K.


I loved my 92 but it was a 2WD. They oil pan rusted through on it and started leaking, but I had transmission problems and I didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore. It was without a doubt the most rock solid truck I ever owned. I hated to let it go, but I don’t even have a garage here. If I did I would have kept her running, but you know how it is @Covertgrower


Curse of Oak Island on History Channel. Run Silent, Run Deep!



Good morning fellas, beautiful Wednesday.
Warmed up yesterday a Lil, nice brisk morning.
Green all around, and all around green


Morning all! Yeah @Nug-bug it’s a very mild day by me as well. Might be the second day in a row I don’t have frost on the windshield. Keep more of those days coming :sunglasses:. Forecast looks like 30% chance of snow this coming Sunday. Let’s keep the warm weather going to make that rain.


Greetz one Greetz all!
Happy Humpday. Rain finally stopped after dumping 1.38" to prime the sump system again…
Today’s nose hit brought to you courtesy of AK-47
It was taken prematurely and the yield was low so there isn’t a lot to show off here.
I gave most of it away since it was the first one to be ready to smoke and I’m not exactly going “ga-ga” over it. I need to use it up and make an empty humidor for the Strawberry Kush to occupy but it’s barely enough to run a batch of anything in the MB II machine.


Good morning morning garden…almost 60’ and heavy rain here on the cape…guess I’ll work inside today! Can always trim some… stay well all! :cloud_with_rain: