Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


She says “thanks” to you & @70sChick :heart:
One of my last rescues.


I saw the forecast for over there and was wondering how you were doing :slightly_smiling_face: I almost hate to tell you but my local butcher is running out of room in his deer locker. Wish I still had some bird dogs to help you out :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, but Im too ornery for any flu bug to keep down for very long. In fact, the vape is heating up right now😉


You’re welcome :wink: ENJOY the vape :slightly_smiling_face:


Always do, @SmoknGranny!


I buy a loaf of bread and keep it in the freezer. And extra coffee in the closet. Haha it is crazy watching a pre-storm frenzy. If I need groceries I wait till it has been snowing for an hour or the next morning and go shop all alone at the store! So nice and peaceful, LOL @Screwauger


I’m All ready ready! LOL @Capt_Seeweed I have over two cords here!


ray of sunshne…

Sorry guys no likes… still getting this since last night


I think something is a miss with our fourm, I’ve been getting crazy messages this morning

I WAS logged in at the time, liking and posting comments… crazy. @bob31 @Hogmaster @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971



I sent this over to Latewood ok



Thx @garrigan65


I’ll front you one of mine, no need to pay me back.


that’s right @70sChick…rehab is for quitters!
and this isn’t the betty ford clinic!


i guess you’ll get some more likes by the time the days get longer @bob31


I hate it. Our local grocery has recently starting opening on Sunday until noon. Which means, the old folks…and I mean 80+ers who can hardly walk yet believe they can still drive, put on their best clothes and go " shopping", meaning, blocking the aisles with their empty carts while drinking coffee and gossiping. These people don’t have cell phones, they are from another time and space. And don’t DARE say anything to them! It’s like, folks, dont panic, the store is STILL open on Mondays, too. I know it’s mean to bring up the past but every so often I have the urge to yell…" De Duitsers komen!" That would clear the bread and milk aisle quickly.


@BIGE I always look forward to the longer days. Right now on an overcast day, it gets dark at 3pm.


Yep… dark driving to work in the am and dark driving home after work too. :neutral_face: Lunchtime gives a dreary gray to break up the dark :smile:
I know it’s prettier when it snows but I still prefer rain this time of year :wink: even as dreary as it can be. Not having a kid to force the enjoyment of snow on me helps :sweat_smile:


Well, all, it’s afternoon thing, and I hope everyone’s work day is going good… better than mine. I’m suffering from a cold, feel crap and it’s mandatory overtime for Monday and today. At least I don’t have to fix the work boat! Yeah, our co-worker had a COLD ride back when the yanmar through it’s last fit and blew up. So it went to the mechanic yesterday, to just “take a look inside”. Yep tbe crankshaft is broke IN HALF. Got to love Alaska, and the lack of parts. Maybe @Willd can let us borrow the gravely motor to power the boat? Or the motor from your truck? Haha.
@bob31 @Screwauger @GreenThunder @VelcroThumb @Countryboyjvd1971 @SmoknGranny @BlackShirt @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom


You can have the motor out of hubby’s truck :grimacing:


Do you not want him going places @SmoknGranny ??lol…