Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Now THAT’S good news!


Thanks @DieHigh55 and @Smokin_ernie
@DieHigh55 I’m sorry to hear you were/are sick… hope it passes soon
@Smokin_ernie we used a mix of sugar leaves and popcorn buds. This combo worked great!


Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s clear blue skies and crispy frosty, my kids have been tapping in and letting me know what they want for Christmas lol just saying hi since its December, do any of your kids do that or up near their birthdays, I hope you’re all having a great day

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LOL @Willd @Smokin_ernie

Couple years back we had a crappy sledding year. Lots of ice and downed limbs in trails and very little usable snow. Us guys, we like going to camp regardless and without sledding we had no real reason to make the drive, heat the place etc (other than for some guy time).

So we had the bright idea of going upta camp anyways and snowshoeing. Not around the backyard mind you. Nope. We drove to some hut at the base of a small mountain and attempted to make the warming hut topside for a cup of coffee. I could not raise my knee’s more than an inch for two solid weeks. We shoed about 6 miles through huge snowdrifts off the end of Flagstaff lake and I must have tucked and rolled about a dozen times. The snowshoes hang on the wall upta camp as reminders! Only for survival for this dude.


Good morning Garden Friends… May you’re day be filled with happiness and Good Smoke…


So true @Smokin_ernie

And to see all that bread and milk gone each time, WTF? I don’t think we could eat a loaf of bread and drink a gallon of milk in a week long storm, even. Of course, I have 4 loaves of bread in the freezer along with various other bread type products and I am lactose intolerant, LOL. Fun to watch though.


now that you point it out that it would be about the only time to snow shoeing it would be silly snow shoeing in the summer. LOL :joy:


Yeah @70sChick that is what I got. I have about 1.8 oz so I will combined that with 2 sticks of butter which gives me two batches of brownies. I may have to make some butter tonight!




Love it! :heart: @Screwauger



WTH the system would let me just “giggle” the message said “the body of your message seems unclear” LOL


So the verdict on the Strawberry Kush is quite revealing.
Definitely an appetite stimulant. I demolished a couple of sandwiches earlier, and could easily do the same to another 2-4 of them.


Listening to some jazz and picking up on a pet peeve of mine. Squeaky bass drum pedal (maybe high-hat?) I have to ask how on Earth could the sound engineer NOT hear that? I keep thinking it’s the dogs collar or something. Which then begs the question is it possible it was intentionally ignored?
I would have liked to ask George Martin as there are quite a few early Beatles track where high hat clutch or bass drum pedal squeak is evident enough to pick it out of the mix. I keep thinking it’s the dogs collar or something.

Kunihiko Sugani Trio Blues for Wynton Kelley is the tune where we hear it.
oh as it ended I see why it wasn’t fixed, it was a live performance.


Tasty, I have just chopped my strawberry kush and got her hanging now


Did someone say my name?


You jinxed me! Now I have to wait 8 hours :rage: Quit stealing my likes @bob31 :rofl:


So sorry you’ve been sick. The flu bug has started around here :nauseated_face:


Cute dog @SmoknGranny


What a cutie pie @SmoknGranny :dog2::heart:


Hunting in Nebraska day 2. Yet to see a pheasant and only does and dinker bucks. Windy and 19° out. We may go home today.