Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


I just pile it in my bong, usually ontop of a little bit of flower @AnneBonny
Been known to just pack a bowl too.


good morning everyone!


Good Morning @BIGE @DieHigh55 @Tylan

Sort of quiet in here today. Storm coming to the northeast today, rain, high winds and then, sounds like winter is here!!


76f here yesterday,today mid fifties…
it is going to start freezing again at night…lol
i’ll be cranking up mh light this evening for heat! lol


Greetings and great, green growing for you all gardeners.
Finally got an appointment next week to get this achy neck and left shoulder checked out. I’ve been managing ok by smoking less (coughing less) and ingesting capsules to curb the urges to light up.

Today’s nose hit are brought to you by Strawberry Kush…


Gotta love the way snow dampens all the sounds too almost like echo canceling technology


I’m still 225 hours from having any likes this week. But I like all your posts! Good Morning Garden! Did someone @Screwauger just imply the “S” Word?

39 degrees and 72% RH here this morning and according to the weather folks we should be getting rain around 1pm today and then mid 50’s right thru till Wednesday morning!

I don’t see any of that white fluffy is stuff in my forecast!

Hope everyone has a great start to their day!

@willd @BIGE @Capt_Seeweed @North_East_Newbie @Tylan @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971 @Buck3 @Donaldj


I do @Willd

The peacefulness of being up at camp on a snowy morning and about all you hear are tree’s popping and cracking.


I’m just repeating what they said on the tube @bob31 but I have a special weatherman who also rides snowmobiles, he is where I get my news, not from the “Warmists” on TV.

Gade the weatherman says:

Upcoming Week, Pattern Change to Winter Enroute.
Good morning HCS, Now that December has arrived, It looks like we should be able to put our warm fall behind us after mid week, We look to have a storm system that will move NW of the staet on weds with some rain and warmer temps out ahead of the front, As the cold front moves thru on Thurs, There could be a period of snow on the backside especially over the higher terrain and east into DE Maine.

This storm looks to place us in a colder pattern over the next several weeks as computer models are keeping us in a cold and very active pattern with our first regional moderate to significant storm next weekend, Details still need to be worked out but it looks to be one of the best December starts in several years, So i will be updating as we move along this week, Stay tuned!!! gade


That is pretty cool. I’m a snowmobiler at heart. Just never rode them but I’ve ridden hundreds of miles in snow and muck on dirt bikes back in the day! Good fun too! As long as ya don’t get too stuck! lol



I frequent a site called hardcore sledders. There are forums for each state. The Maine forum is a lot of fun (lots of Kokadjo/Marie stories each year). Gadedude is the resident weatherman. It’s nice to have one place to go where folks actually want cold and snow!! I realize we are “outliers.” LOL

@bob31 When a good N’eastah is coming, Gade’s posts get over 65,000 views of people wanting it to happen and happen big. Love it.

Another example of his upbeat pro snow attitude

Once this pattern establishes late next week, I don’t see it breaking down in the foreseeable future, Its the type that we will see multiple lt/mod threats every 3-4 days with one or so possibly blowing up into a significant event, Good times ahead. Gade.


I actually love the snow. Unless I HAVE to be out in it. @Screwauger

I’m not surprised he is popular!


Agreed, I do not miss driving to NY for child visitation in New England snow storms, that was hair raising!!

Both my gf and I love sitting home and watching the snow pile up, as long as we don’t have to go anywhere. @bob31

We also like watching the grocery store panic for bread and milk etc. LOL


Good morning all hope everyone is doing well
@bob31 @Screwauger @ntmaremach @Nug-bug @Smokin_ernie @Willd and all the rest of you wonderful peeeps


Stock up the firewood for the weekend before the rain…gonna get a bit cooler around here… :fire:


Thought I saw some snow for weekend around the northeast @Capt_Seeweed @bob31
@Screwauger the mad rush to the grocery always cracks me up. It not like it is 1978 when people were stranded and technology and forecasting was primitive. I do like the snow! Snow shoeing in a winter storm is amazing. The woods are so peaceful it is tranquil
Good morning @Countryboyjvd1971


39’ and 86% humidity here on the cape…really mild for December and getting outside work done…even cleaned out the garage for my car restoration to go under cover for the winter… :wrench:


mmm hmm. I do it to make a big figure 8 track for the mutt to run and pack down a big area way in back do his business away from where we walk. After a several dozen laps over a few days it’s becomes navigable with street shoes or boots until it snows again or really thaws.


Sounds like 2014-15 Every day MrsWillD had off we got snow. Some of them as Gade says blow up into a significant event.
*Tag this post to remind me how much I still “love” it in March… ha ha ha


Days start getting longer in 16 days… :sun_with_face: