Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Snowing today so will be playing in shed bulk of the day I suspect


Since I am around @Ozzymomma1 I will answer for @Willd

All the best to Ozzy today! hahaha

It’s a power hitter

Here is how it is made


Hey there Garden. I’m a lunch lurker today. Sure wish I had a can of the Canna-bliss for lunch @70sChick. Woo Hoo Monday is half over. See ya’ll after 4.


You are welcome to Lurk at all meals @AnneBonny



Love me some super silver haze, that’s what I’m smoking along with gold leaf


I had Gold Leaf this morning and this evening. I love how slow it smokes and then the buzz creeps up on you and kicks your butt! LOL BBA was the order of the day!

I have to collect my three week sample of GL and my two week sample of GG! Woo Hoo as they say!


Sweet tooth keif hits for me this evening, well, this next one then I am off to crashville with my big brown buddie!


I’m jamming to some classic rock and cruising the forums looking for damsels in distress (MJ PLants, lol)


Do you smoke your keif in a bowl @Screwauger. I know that sounds like a stupid question but I have only ever cooked/baked with it. But I have some that I got free at my dispensary and it’s not enough to make anything with but I just got a bowl in this mail sample thingy so I was thinking I would try it in that.


Relaxed with a real special brownie after dinner… I’m kinda digging this… Wayyyyy better than any brownies we made back in the day!
They call me Mello Yellow… :sunglasses::v:
Hope all is well with everyone tonight



did you say mellllooowwwww yeeeelllllooooowwwwwww hahaha I remember those brownies back in the day! Wow knock your socks off!

Sounds like a good batch!


Baahaaa… Let’s just say I’m in my "Happy Place"


Apparently I have been a bad boy! No more like for me!


Im way out of likes! Pass the brownies! Please!


That’s a lot of hours! :drooling_face:


Two days of fever, snotty nose, laying in bed and generally feeling like sh*t are over…for now. Little later is 420 time. Those brownies look awwwwwesome! Have a great day, folks!


Good morning chilling relaxing and getting some green hornet lined up for this morning! The brownies look great @70sChick did use flower or trim? I got some trimmings and tiny buds to make some butter. @DieHigh55 hope you feel better.


I smoke kief when I got nothing else and I go to the kief catcher and scrape. A little bit kicks your butt. It burns quickly so I usually light it carefully and with a small bit of fire from the lighter. Be prepared to cough :sunglasses:


Morning all! Been busy lately haven’t had a chance to comment much. Put my jacket on for the first time this season and found my kief scrapper that I’ve been missing for I guess 8 or so months LOL. Always something you find from the last time you wore your jacket.

I know I’m late to wearing a jacket especially in CT but I don’t get cold easily maybe it’s my Irish/Scottish mix I dunno but it drives my wife nuts because she’s always cold so her side of the bed has a heater and mine has a fan :rofl:

Anyway have a great day!


Thanks, man, feel much better…enough to get wasted, that’s for sure. Flu and other nasty viruses are all over the place now, got this from my nice neighbors who I buy eggs from. Oh well, life goes on.