Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Hope everyone had a great weekend
Mine was a bit busy but all in all a nice one :+1:
Good morning :sunny:️:smiley: all have a great day
Lools like it will be a while before i can like another pist hahahahaha
@M4ur looking good bro

@Smokin_ernie @kabongster @BIGE @bob31
@Willd @Screwauger @cyberblast @dbrn32


I would like that, but…


lol, kinda sounds like a Marvel movie…Hulk smash, Hulk no like Monday

good morning forum folks :laughing:!


It is only about a 47 year wait :timer_clock: :alarm_clock: :mantelpiece_clock: :clock1:


Hahaha must be a system wide thing @dbrn32
To funny
I like it @kabongster
@Ron330 aounds like a reasonable amount of time to wait doesnt it


Nice nugs there @M4ur! It’s surprisingly warm here today in outskirts of Chicago, but the wind is really moving.


:fire: baaad… @kabongster goooood!


You know it is going to be a chill type day when choosing what to wake and bake out of is your biggest decision you will make today…


Got to love Mondays :roll_eyes::thinking::v:


ohh boy, i can :sparkling_heart: life again!


I was gonna wish you all a great Monday Morning, but @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 used up all the likes and I think all the internet too! hahaha

Oh Boy, gotta love Mondays!

@Ron330 @Screwauger @Willd @Capt_Seeweed @Nug-bug @kabongster @Smokin_ernie @BIGE


@Ron330 nice selections of goods!! What are you going to pick?

I can like again! It is fixed so I am going to go like a bunch of


@Smokin_ernie I went with the peach wrap. the doctor said I should have more fruit in the mornings. Looking back now, I probably shouldn’t of smoked the whole thing, lol, but have zero plans for today, except laundry, which I can do in between naps :v:


Good call on the peach! and oops on smoking the whole thing. haha


good morning everyone,i hope you all had a great weekend and your grows are doing amazing ,well its still cold , grey and white cloudy skies , hey anyone wanna see some cool bikes ,here you go


@Willd @bob31 @kabongster @Tylan @Coltfire @Countryboyjvd1971 @SmoknGranny @Zombo


Magnificent Monday @everyonehere
Today’s nose hits are brought to you by Super Silver Haze!


Good morning Garden Friends.
I hope you’re day is going well…


lol, @Willd you’re something else!
you started out with hugh heffner nose hits,and now this…
larry flint nostril reamings…
let’s get on the cutting edge of the industry and blow some smoke out your ears!


haahaha too funny @BIGE


that ol’whisker biskut could use a trimming too!!


@Willd what is that your doing with that bottle?? Is that smoke? Gotta know! LOL